Mario and Luigi vs. The Furbies

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GotMAward.png Mario and Luigi vs. The Furbies was named Game of the Month in March 2012.
 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Mario and Luigi Vs. The Furbies
Developer(s) Supernova
Announce Date Aug 16, 2008
Release Date Aug 2013
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6 and Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status v0.8.5 (last demo and scrapped)

Mario and Luigi Vs. The Furbies is a fangame written in Game Maker 6, and later Game Maker 8, programmed by Supernova. It takes place when an army of Furbies invade the Mushroom Kingdom. The game has been revived with the power of Supernova Mario World Engine and has gotten another demo. In late 2012, Supernova lost his motivation an scrapped MLVSTF once again. In early 2013, Supernova distribute the source of MLVSTF and allowing any other Game Maker users to contine this project.

MLVSTF took a major role in Supernova's Furby Saga.


Gameplay consists of normal Mario fare, but with a twist - Mario and Luigi are now provided with an array of weapons, such as a laser gun and flame cannon. Ammo for these weapons are dropped by Furbies.

Levels are typically long, with some kind of Furby hideout occasionally.

There are a few unlockable characters as well, such as Yoshi and Kirby, the latter of which posseses his typical abilities.


The game was praised for its original and zany ideas, but panned for quickly stagnating and suddenly appearing enemies. It currently holds a 7.5/10 average on the mainsite.

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