Mario vs. Luigi

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GotMAward.png Mario vs. Luigi was named Game of the Month in September 2012.
Mario vs. Luigi
Mario Screen POOP1346789571.png
Developer(s) KingMario
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date September 4, 2012
Genre Action
Players 2
Input Standard Keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released

Mario vs. Luigi is a local two player fighting fangame by KingMario, with some artwork done by TheWario10. It won Game of the Month for September 2012. It was also featured in a review drive on MFGG's 13th anniversary.


There are two characters, Mario and Luigi (as the name suggests). Both have three moves: the basic attack, the jump, and the special attack. The basic attack can be changed to an Up-Attack or a Down-Attack depending on if you are holding the corresponding arrow key.

If you are mid air, so have more options. You can do three different aerial attacks with your standard attack, or you can do two aerial special attacks (which do have knockback). In addition, your Down Aerial Special forces you upward, in case you need to dodge something fast.

Almost all attacks knock your opponent backwards, but the Up-Attack knocks your opponent up into the air.


There are nine stages to choose from, most of which are identical gameplay-wise.

  • The New Super Mario Bros. Grassland
  • The New Super Mario Bros. Grassland (At night)
  • The Volcano World (with lava in the background)
  • Wario's Prison (Wario is in a cage)
  • Wario's Prison (At night, and without Wario)
  • Waluigi's House
  • Basketball Court
  • Construction Site
  • Mushroom Pillars (You battle on top of a lot of tall mushrooms, but it is possible to fall in between them)


It received mostly negative remarks, criticizing it's lack of intuitiveness, creativeness, only having two characters, and not having a single-player mode, nor an AI to fight. Although the fact that it had entirely custom graphics was considered very commendable. It currently has an average score of 4.5.