Toads vs. Koopas

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Toads vs. Koopas
Developer(s) Blutorus
Announce Date March 25, 2015
Release Date April 17, 2015
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Mouse
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png Toads vs. Koopas was named Game of the Month in April 2015.

Toads vs. Koopas, a fangame made by Blutorus, is the winning entry for the Super Competition. It is basically a Plants vs. Zombies game with a Mario theme, and a couple original "plants". The coding and graphics were done by Blutorus, while the music is composed by edeN.


Bowser's minions are invading the Mushroom Kingdom and the Mario Bros. are nowhere to be found! The only thing that stands between the Koopas and where they draw the line is an army of Toads! They're your last hope of protecting the kingdom's grounds and will be there to defeat the a price.


The player must prevent the Koopas from going from the right to the left, by using an army of Toads. The player can place Toads (though, some of them are actually mushrooms) at the grassy field, at the cost of coins. Coins can be earned by clicking on them. Some coins will fall from the sky, while some coins will be generated by the golden mushrooms. There are four different Koopas and four different Toads (and a secret item that can used, once all of the waves are over). Each row has a Yoshi in the very left, which will stand there until a Koopa gets very close to them. Once that happens, the Yoshi will run to the right, knocking down any Koopa in its path.


  • Gold Mushroom - Produces coins once in a while, which can help the player get coins faster.
  • Cannon Toad - Shoots a cannonball at a Koopa that is on its way.
  • Ice Toad - Throws iceballs at a Koopa in their way, which slows them down.
  • Life Mushroom - Gives your units three extra hit points, but it takes a while to charge.
Spoilers! Plot/ending information may follow (highlight to read):
Cheat Mushroom - Lets you use cheat codes by pressing a letter.


  • Koopa - The most basic out of all Koopas, it just simply walks to left unless there is a Toad in its way.
  • Helmeted Koopa - Acts like a basic Koopa, but his Hammer Bro helmet gives him twice the protection of a regular Koopa.
  • Buzzy Koopa - Acts like a basic Koopa, but his Buzzy Beetle shell gives him thrice the protection of a regular Koopa.
  • Springboard Koopa - A Koopa that carries a springboard, used to jump over Toads, but it can only be used once.


As it won the Super Competition, Toads vs. Koopas received positive reviews at the main site. They praised the graphics and the original "plants", but they criticized the fact that, besides the addition of original "plants", there is nothing new from the original. They also criticized the difficultly curve.

Some time after it's release, Blutorus has stated that he plans to follow up on Toads vs. Koopas with two different titles: Toads vs. Koopas 2, and Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest. Toads vs. Koopas 2 only has one piece of art revealed, and it was at some point scrapped, but Toads vs. Koopas: Bowser's Conquest has a demo that was made for NCFC 2015, although it is currently on hiatus. Q-Nova had announced a fangame a few months after the release of Toads vs. Koopas, which is a crossover between Bob-Ball and Toads vs. Koopas. However, the only thing revealed of the title is a few screenshots.

Toads vs. Koopa won the Game of the Month award of 2015.



Download Toads vs. Koopas from MFGG's main site

File Size: 10.64 MB

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