Sonic Hexacide

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Sonic Hexacide
Developer(s) DJ Coco
Announce Date October 2013
Release Date April 1, 2015
Genre 3D Platformer
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png Sonic Hexacide was named Game of the Month in March 2015.

Sonic Hexacide is a Sonic fangame by DJ Coco. It is started at late 2013, but it was never finished as DJ Coco started making indie games instead of fangames. However, DJ Coco continued the project as he returned to fangaming, and it was finished.


The player controls Sonic the Hedgehog, which can run, (double) jump, and spin dash. Sonic can collect rings, which serves as health to him. If he gets hit by a hazard, he'll lose some of his rings. Getting hit by a hazard without any rings will make Sonic lose a life, and restart back at the beginning of the level. There is TVs that can be broken by Sonic, which results in a effect. The levels are modeled as a cylinder. Sonic can defeat most enemies by simply jumping into them, and if he is near an enemy while in the air, he can home on them.


There is eight zones, with two levels each and a boss. Though, the last one only just has one boss.

  • Windy Waft
  • Desolate Desert
  • Breezy Bay
  • Sugar Swamp
  • Forsaken Factory
  • Crystal Canyon
  • Magma Mountain
  • Stellar Satellite


Sonic Hexacide was met with mostly positive feedback. The demo won Best Non-Mario Game at the MFGG Awards of 2013. A few people criticized the Sonic sprite, and Syaxamaphone criticized the fact that it feels like a stepdown from Paper Mario 3D Land. Despite these flaws, the game won the Game of the Month award of March 2015, even though, the full version was released at April 1, 2015.

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