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Kommandant Dragmire

Dragmire Today
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Aliases: Mario Dragmire, KOMMANDANT, GutsMan
Real name: Miguel Gimenez
Interests: WW2, Drawing, Video games, Advance Wars
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Kommandant joined the MFGG forums on February 28th, 2004. He made the mistake of plugging his site twice, which resulted in a warn.

The Member

Soon after joining, he left. But then in the summer of 2005, he came back to MFGG with a project, WW2 Metal Slug. It was a short movie about the WW2 D-Day Landings, made in Multimedia Fusion. The reactions he received were better than he expected. He was made a Global Moderator soon after ShadowMan resigned. He visits other forums, including KS, TEotU, and the MFGGU. He was working on a MetalGear Fangame and goes by the user name GutsMan. On Feb. 17, 2008, he resigned from his mod position, and he left the forum in July 2008 along with several other MFGGU members.

Dragmire still visits MFGG on occasion. In May 2012, he released an updated version of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Five Pendants, a game he'd been developing since 2003. SMRPG: LotFP has met with favorable reception thus far, despite a few complaints about its difficulty, and he plans to post an expanded version at the 2012 edition of NCFC.

As of 2014, Dragmire is working on a new Mario fangame called A Mario Bros. Story.

The Character

OMG Original Dragmire

Kommandant Dragmire's design was created during the Advance Wars Fad, when he took Hawk's AW2 sprite base and gave him blond hair and arm bands with MD on them. Eventually he was redesigned to have a uniform to a more WW2 German-based suit and an officer's hat with a star (originally an indistinguishable symbol, but people drew him with a star and it became a part of his design). Although resembling a German Officer, he is not a Nazi.