Late Night Mario 2

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Late Night Mario 2
Developer(s) Glukom
Announce Date September 27, 2010
Release Date October 23, 2010
Genre Adventure/Platformer
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png Late Night Mario 2 was named Game of the Month in October 2010.

Late Night Mario 2 is a platforming adventure game by Glukom, and is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Late Night Mario.


Mario is abruptly awoken by someone pounding on his door at the late-night time of 3:00 AM, and goes to see who it is. There is a Kremit at his door, who informs Mario of its orders to kill him. Mario quickly dispatches it and heads out to learn more about this sudden encounter.

He finds Yoshi surrounded by a group of Kremits near his house, and after killing them, Yoshi informs Mario that since Bowser's death, the Red Kremits have regrouped under their true leader, who has ordered them to destroy everyone. Mario also asks about the whereabouts of Luigi, but Yoshi doesn't know. However, he warns Mario that there are many Red Kremits in the area as Mario embarks on a new journey to find his brother and defeat the Kremits.


Late Night Mario 2 has vastly improved gameplay from its predecessor. While keeping original elements such as Kremits and trampolines, Late Night Mario 2 adds several new types of Kremits to the game, and at the end of every area you'll face a boss. The game possesses a much deeper and more detailed plot than the first game, with several cutscenes in between levels. It also has a few new elements such as portals, locked gates and a switch puzzle.

The most significant gameplay addition, however, is the inclusion of a health system. Mario will start every level with 3 health, which will decrease by one when he takes a hit. If it reaches zero or Mario falls down a pit, the level restarts. Some levels have Mushrooms, which restore one point of Mario's health.


A screenshot of a beta version of LNM2, showing the Manly Mario power-up and a red Kremit.

As Late Night Mario gained quite some attention from the MFGG community, and became very popular, Glukom decided to make a sequel, called Late Night Mario 2. On September 4, 2010, Glukom announced that the game would be released in the middle of September 2010, so that he could attempt to "win it [the game of the month award] this month too". However, on September 27, he said that "school has been a bitch", and that he had "found Halo Reach to be quite addictive", but that he promised to get it done eventually, and release in October, in time for the NCFC.

A power-up, dubbed Manly Mario by fans was seen in a beta screenshot, but seems to have been removed from the final game. However, Glukom confirms that it is, in fact, in the game, but requires some searching to find.


Despite improvements, Late Night Mario 2 is just as controversial as its predecessor. VinnyVideo stated that "Despite a few kinks, Late Night Mario 2 successfully makes the transition from being a joke game to a lighthearted "real" game", giving the game a 8/10 score. Alex IDV said that Late Night Mario 2 "is a worthy sequel, even better than the first LNM.", scoring it 9/10.

However it has also received a few bad reviews. cameo said that it "tries to be something more than it ever should have been" and that "it feels like an amateur game now that the joke seems to have been forgotten along the way", giving a 2/10 score.


A third Late Night Mario installation, Late Night Luigi, was planned, but starring Luigi instead of Mario. Glukom confirmed this on the MFGG forums. The game was never completed, however, and Late Night Mario 3 was the third installation.



Download Late Night Mario 2 from MFGG's main site

File Size: 27.76 MB