So You Think You Can Play Tetris?

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So You Think You Can Play Tetris?
Developer(s) Char
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date May 2011
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard Keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png So You Think You Can Play Tetris? was named Game of the Month in May 2011.

So You Think You Can Play Tetris? is a minigame by Char, made for a Minigame Competition that requires users to make a fangame involving at least one Kurbio's Shoe over some 24-hour periods. It uses New Super Mario Bros. graphics, which are quite underused in fangames.


The game plays like Tetris, but the player isn't allowed to rotate the pieces and form lines that would disappear by just making the pieces form into a line. However, after each few drops (the higher the level, the more the drops required), a Kuribo's Shoe will come down and smash the blocks. The unstable blocks will fall down and fill up any gaps, a few of which may completely break. If a horizontal line is formed after a Kuribo's Shoe smashes the blocks, then it will disappear and earn the player some score. After each 10 lines are made, the player will be promoted to the next level, which will make the blocks fall faster. Once the player reaches level 15, all of the blocks will become stable, therefore making the blocks unable to fall after being smashed by a Kuribo's Shoe.

Sometimes, a metal block will appear as part of the falling piece. These kind of blocks cannot fall after being smashed by a Kuribo's Shoe, and can be only destroyed when they are part of a line that will disappear.


Currently, 8 reviewers have submitted reviews for this game. As a result, the current review average is 6.8/10. RetroreviewerProductions thought that this game needed a little more substance in order to rate it higher than a 6, but happily comments on how the no-rotating-blocks gimmicks works well in this game. DJ Coco also liked this game, saying how the game had a nice twist to the regular Tetris series.

It has won Game of the Month for May 2011.



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