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Aliases: Beauty Queen Klobber
Real name: Andy Webb
Interests: Unknown
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Klobber is a former MFGG Forums Administrator, and for a long time was one of the most active and popular members.

Klobber is most well-known for his sharp, charming wit, rarely at the expense of others, but is also an accomplished artist. He employs a cartoony, almost surreal style with thick outlines, and focused on relatively obscure characters rather than those in the spotlight. He earned prestige within the Sprite Competitions, but switched to Drawing Competitions when they were introduced.

He is known to have a fondness for characters who are just a bit creepy or very creepy, such as Audrey II or III or whatever from Little Shop of Horrors and Blaine the Train from whatever silly book that was.

Sadly, Klobber no longer visits MFGG. His passing was mourned deeply, is mourned yet, and our wails shall still be heard as the world ends, singing its last rites.

Member history

Klobber has no documented timeline on MFGG, which is fitting as he is a very zany and unpredictable person.

During his time as administrator, Klobber worked extensively on community content, such as forum skins ... and forum pranks. He assisted with many April Fool's Pranks, acting as the jester in Kritter's court who everybody likes but him.

Klobber was responsible for changing the Pointless Post Palace to Hell, complete with flaming Satanism symbols and Parakarry with a shotgun.

For all his charm and patience, even Klobber could not handle the stress of administration; he eventually resigned, and later left the forums entirely. Who knows what paths the lone ranger walks today (probably Retriever II does cuz they were totally best friends.)