Super Luigi Dreams

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GotMAward.png Super Luigi Dreams was named Game of the Month in June 2008.
Super Luigi Dreams
Developer(s) Hatman
Announce Date Summer of 2006
Release Date October 16th, 2006
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Super Luigi Dreams was Hatman's first attempt at a platformer. The game featured 8 worlds (1 unlockable), 3 "shops" (1 unlockable), and an area entitled "Luigi's Pad" which only featured a hidden 1up, accessible only once in the game. Each of the worlds had a total of 3 levels and a boss stage (not including the bonus world).


Mario is off to rescue Peach from Bowser's grasp! While Mario is out, Luigi is greeted by a fairy named Dachi who's family, friends and home were captured by a mysterious man. Luigi, mistaken for Mario, escorts Dachi to his home, in an attempt to rescue it from the mystery man.


The game featured 22 levels, within the game's 8 worlds. The player controlled Luigi using the arrow keys and space bar. Luigi would use springs and gusts of wind to launch him higher into the air. Luigi had a bar of health that could only withstand 5 attacks. Depending on his health at the end of the level, Luigi would receive 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100 blue coins to use for purchase at that game's shop: The Shell House. The goal was to rescue the game's 20 hidden caged fairies and collect all 6 of the game's secret badges. In doing so, the player would unlock a special cutscene for viewing at Peach's Theater which involved Mario and the short humorous tale of how he came to be captured by Bowser.


Goomba Grasslands

A basic field themed area that featured 3 levels and Goomboss as the area boss. This was the world used in the game's demo.

Warppipe Wasteland

A desert-themed area that introduced warp pipes to the game and a "chase" level, in which Luigi had to escape a giant chain chomp in pursuit of him. The area boss was a Lakitu who's attacks consisted of throwing Spinies at him and trying to blow him off the pillar they taught on.

Piranha Forest

A forest-themed area that incorporated Pirahna Vines as enemies. The level's focus was a large number of "Pirahna Buds" that would launch Luigi into the air if he jumped in. The area boss was "Piranha Prime", who sat in a warp pipe spitting seeds at Luigi, who faught him from a patch of soil. If any seeds touched the soil, a piranha plant would emerge.

Nightmare Tower

A ghost house-themed area that introduced Dry Bones, Steel Bones, and Thwomps as basic enemies. It also incorporated an area that featured a single Boo who wished to race Luigi. Upon level completion, you'll see the boo vanish. The area boss was basically to dodge 399 boo (excluding 1 who was in the boss into).

Krakl Volcano

A volcano-themed area that used lava as the levels' main trap. Featured the final chase level in which you are required to grab feathers and escape raising lava. The area boss was Lakithunder, an upgrade of the second boss Lakitu, who was quicker and threw spinies more rapidly.

Fairy Kingdom

A sky-themed area that introduced the game's most difficult enemy, the Amp. Touch the amp once, and you automatically lose all of your health. The area boss was just five magikoopas who attack you from a distance. The goal was to pass every obstacle and climb the tower.

Conquered Fairy Kingdom

Unlike the other worlds, World 7 only had one level entitled "Koopa Kastle Khaos", which was an extension of World 6's final level. The final boss was Bowser, who rode around in his clown car for a majority of the fight. In phase 1, he would throw fireballs and springs, and the obvious means of attack was to jump on him with the spring. In phase 2, he would jump around the area. The only way to attack him was to trick him into the field of Amps around the arena. Once he has one hit point remaining, he jumps out of his clown car and attacks Luigi in a Super Mario Bros. fashion. One would have to wait until he spit up a spring, then use it to reach the axe behind him.

Bonus Land

An extra area that featured three extra levels that become available for purchase at the Shell House after game completion. The levels were "Kuribo Fields", which was the original first level, "Pipe Complex", which incorporated more warp pipes than usual levels, and "Shiver Shiver Snowfields", which was an ice-themed area that focused on climbing to the top of the level.


Super Luigi Dreams has received a sequel, Super Luigi Dreams 2.


  • Super Luigi Dreams originally started as a game that used Mario Party Advance sprites mixed with Yoshi's Island sprites.
  • The storeclerk koopa's unmentioned name is Khristopher P. Koopa. His sprite was one of the first Super Princess Peach sprites uploaded to the main site.
  • Pressing up near Luigi's mailbox would earn the player a 1-up or 3-up. This is only available once in the game.
  • Completing the game would launch a series of hidden goodies. One of the most noticeable being Bonus Land, a world where one was required to buy levels for 500 blue coins. A secret that is less noticeable is pressing up near Luigi's door. It would state that Luigi has left some pasta for Mario to cook when he returned in the beginning of the game, but after completing the game, it would state that Mario is doing Luigi's chores.