Mario Bros. VS

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GotMAward.png Mario Bros. VS was named Game of the Month in January 2009.
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Mario Bros. VS
Developer(s) KenM
Announce Date 2007
Release Date TBA
Genre Action
Players 1-4
Input Keyboard, PC controller
Medium Game Maker(GM6.1,GM7,GM8.1)
Platform Windows
Status Incomplete

Mario Bros. VS is the first fangame created by KenM based on the classic Mario Bros. arcade game originally appearing as a demo on October 27, 2007. Mario Bros. VS has had a long and rocky development. The game's engine was rebuilt by KenM several times and to this day remains unfinished.


Mario Bros. VS gameplay is based on the arcade game Mario Bros. and as such jumping on enemies is not possible in most cases. The player has to usually wait for an enemy to walk over a platform that Mario is underneath and then jump to stun the enemy allowing Mario to then defeat them simply by coming in contact. The game was to be made up of 10 worlds each with 10 phases making a total of 100 phases. In every phase Mario has to defeat all the enemies that come out of the pipes usually in a small area where it's possible to walk outside of the screen and appear on the other side. Halfway through each world there would be a bonus stage where Mario has to collect 8 red coins for an extra life similar to the original game. There were also many additions to Mario Bros. VS not seen in the original such as above ground areas with Super Mario Bros. style platforming, alternate routes, pulling grass items from the ground like in SMB2, Wario and Waluigi as playable characters, 4 player support from where the game gets it's name, new enemies and boss battles.

Screenshot from the last unreleased version of MBVS


Mario Bros. VS was met with positive reviews of mostly 8s and 9s. The original demo holds an average score of 8.8 and the second one has an average of 9. The game was praised for it's good graphics, sound quality, and originality. Common criticism for the game include the controls in the first demo being stiff, the difficulty of picking up shells, and lack of variety in the environments. The first Mario Bros. VS demo won Game of the Month for January 2009.

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