Mushroom Kingdom SHOWDOWN!

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Mushroom Kingdom SHOWDOWN!
Developer(s) WwwWario
Announce Date December 2014
Release Date Unknown
Genre Fighting
Players 1 or 2
Input Standard keyboard and mouse
Medium Multimedia Fusion
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png Mushroom Kingdom SHOWDOWN! was named Game of the Month in December 2014.

Mushroom Kingdom SHOWDOWN! is a fangame made by WwwWario. It is inspired by Super Smash Bros. and is one of the first completed fighting fangames. It features Mario and related characters, along with stages and items that are based on places from various different Mario games. It also includes a Classic mode, and a Takedown mode. WwwWario had updated it sometimes, which usually features new features (characters, stages, etc). The latest version so far is version 0.9. It is one of the few fangames to have it's own wiki.


The gameplay functions like the Super Smash Bros. series, as the players are free to move anywhere rather than having to face their opponent all the time, items will spawn sometimes, and the controls are rather simple. But instead of knocking their opponent off the stage (while will instead teleport them into the middle of the stage at the cost of health), they have to deplete all of their opponent's health. If a character hits an opponent, a meter (which is displayed on top off the character's health) will fill up and once it's all filled up, they can perform a powerful attack which is known as the Showdown Attack.


  • Mushroom
  • 1-up Mushroom


Mushroom Kingdom SHOWDOWN! received some positive feedback. A lot of MFGGers criticized the heavily clashing graphics, but they have usually praised the GUI. It earned the Game of the Month award for December 2014.

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