WarioWare Mou$e Works

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GotMAward.png WarioWare Mou$e Works was named Game of the Month in August 2008.
WarioWare Mou$e Workz
Developer(s) Toodles Team
Announce Date January 12, 2007
Release Date February 18, 2007
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Mouse
Medium Game Maker 5.3A
Platform Windows
Status 100% complete

WarioWare Mou$e Workz is a small WarioWare-based minigame collection made by Toodles Team. The game features twelve entirely original microgames, all of which are controlled by the mouse. Ironically, even though they are never seen in-game, every microgame has a title. The game was the winning entry of Minigame Competition # 22. WarioWare Mou$e Workz is Toodles' highest rated game, with an average score of 8.8/10.


The game features eleven regular microgames and one boss game. They are as follows:

Space Food: Instruction: Chow Down! Gameplay: The cursor becomes a mouth. The player eats a potato chip floating in space by clicking on it.

Heavy Metal Instruction: Bounce! Gameplay: The player must bounce a heavy marble off a paddle that slides left and right.

Super Mario 64 Instruction: Select! Gameplay: The game resembles the file select of Super Mario 64. The player must select the file with 175 stars, despite this being an impossible total to achieve in the game. If the player selects the correct file, Peach's letter appears briefly.

Donkey Kong Instruction: Smash! Gameplay: The game resembles the first level of the DK arcade game, and the cursor is Mario with a hammer. The player must click on all the barrels as they roll down. They play can also click on DK, causing him to grunt.

Nose Attack Instruction: Fire! Gameplay: In the proud tradition of nose-picking microgames, the player must click the "Fire" button to launch a rocket powered finger into a flying nose.

The Princess and the Pencil Instruction: Defend! Gameplay: The cursor becomes a pencil. The player must click and hold the mouse button to draw a line in order to block a rocket from hitting a castle tower with a princess locked inside.

A Tale of Toodles' Tail Instruction: Put it on his tail! Gameplay: The cursor becomes a pink bow. The player must click on the end of Toodles the Horse's tail to place the bow on it.

Paper Bowser World Instruction: Destroy! Gameplay: This game resembles Paper Bowser World, another of Toodles' fangames. The cursor becomes Kammy Koopa's wand. The player must click on all the bricks to destroy them and clear a path for Bowser.

Fire at Will! Instruction: Launch! Gameplay: The player must click to drop a boulder onto a moving catapult, sending a stick figure Wario flying through the air.

Balloon Fight Instruction: Pop! Gameplay: The game resembles the NES game Balloon Fight. The cursor is the Balloon Fighter. The player must drag the Fighter in the balloons to pop them before they leave the screen. If no balloons get to the top of the screen before time runs out, the game can be won without popping any balloons at all.

Super Mario Bros. Instruction: Defend! Gameplay: The game resembles Super Mario Bros. The player must click on several Goombas to defeat them, allowing Mario to pass by safely.

Boss Game Instruction: Float to Safety! Gameplay: A nose floats slowly down the screen. By moving the mouse left and right, the player must move obstacles out of the way of the nose allowing it to drift the bottom of the screen. Finally, the player must catch the nose on Wario's face.


Download WarioWare Mou$e Works from MFGG's main site

File Size: 4.58MB

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