Quest for MFGG: The Game

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Quest for MFGG: The Game
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date September 2010
Release Date In progress
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8
Platform Windows
Status Released

Quest for MFGG: The Game is VinnyVideo's first RPG, which he made in fall 2010 and entered in the final Minigame Competition before The Split, which had a "Boss Rush" theme. The story is loosely based on The Quest for MFGG adventure topic run in The Lounge. The game includes VinnyVideo, Shroomguy, Fujiko, Kyori, and Dexy as playable characters and also features several other characters as villains or cameos, including Cinna, General, Kabuto, Drei, Zae, Chipper, Kesha, and Thunder Dragon. The engine is based on Yal's RPG engine and keeps many of his features (such as the reasonably well-done item and weapon systems) but adds many new capabilities while regrettably preserving some of the glitches and the poor graphics. It's one of very few RPGs on MFGG made in Game Maker rather than the much more commonly seen RPG Maker.


Quest for MFGG is traditional turn-based RPG fare. Vinny and Shroomguy are primarily fighters, Fujiko is a balanced character and is the only character who can damage enemies' magic (essential against Kremits), Kyori uses attacking magic, and Dexy has little attack power but more than makes up for it with healing and support moves.


Although the vast majority of characters featured in the game are no longer part of the "true" MFGG community, and many have left The Minus World as well, VinnyVideo continued working sporadically on the project and released a new version in March 2011 that corrected many glitches and made the game truly playable. VinnyVideo released another version in May of 2011 that added many new attacks. However, Vinny remained unsatisfied by the game's poor graphics and lack of a true RPG feel, and Zero Kirby later compared this version of the game to Paper Mario World. Vinny has left open the possibility making a very loose sequel of the game in the future, with the intention of greatly improving graphics, music, and storyline, as well as using an original engine without the innumerable faults of Yal's engine. It's somewhat doubtful such a project will ever appear, however.


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