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Aliases: Private Investigator Drei, Volante Dino, Creepede
Real name: Stirling
Interests: Digital art, traditional art, theatre.
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Drei was a user who joined on April 6, 2008 after hearing about MFGG from The Spriters Resource after Pixeltendo's initial death. He frequents the Casual Conversation Castle, enjoying the few games that are held with it. Drei did not become active until late in 2008, with actually becoming fairly known until 2009. His reason for joining MFGG was simply that his normal forum residence, Sprites INC., was dying along with the amount of newbies joining the new TSR forums.

As of joining the new forums, Private Investigator Drei was too long for the username field so he returned back to Drei. After some time, along with many bans by Mecha the Slag, he changed his name to Volante Dino, which roughly translates into "Flying Dino." He currently frequents the Kira Game forums more than MFGG at the moment, mostly because of his constant banning that never goes in depth what was done wrong, and rarely explains what rule was broken. He changed his name to Creepede around Halloween 2010.