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Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date May 30, 2011
Release Date June 4, 2011
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8.1
Platform Windows
Status Released

Brains Logo.png

Brains was VinnyVideo's entry for the sixth Minigame Competition on New MFGG. While VinnyVideo basically produced the game himself, Miles helped with making the rooms wrap properly, and Elyk provided the original concept on the MFGG IRC, a place Vinny hardly ever actually hangs out.


In Brains, Mario must run around an arena, collecting ammunition so he can shoot the endlessly-generating zombies that roam the room (this gun isn't actually held by Mario, incidentally). These zombies move in various random patterns - some chase Mario, some move in a straight direction, and a few stand still - and these patterns occasionally change. There is no reward for shooting the zombies, except increasing your score. VinnyVideo had originally intended to include more levels and enemies, but he ran out of time because of the deadline and had difficulty implementing an effective maze-like wall system. As your score increases, the zombies begin to move considerably more quickly, making play considerably more exciting - and dangerous.


At first, many of the reviews for this game were fairly negative, often calling the game boring and criticizing the glitchy room-wrapping effect and a graphical glitch relating to the fireball animation. Others said the game didn't fit the competition's theme very well. Still, it was the only game in that MGC to appear on every ballot for Top Five balloting, although two other games split all the votes in the final voting. The game's Super Mario RPG-based graphics, a style rarely seen on MFGG, were generally praised, however. Two days later, VinnyVideo produced an updated version after Miles helped make the room wrap properly, producing the illusion of the game taking place in an arena of infinite size. This updated version has generally been better-received.



Download Brains from MFGG's main site

File Size: 2.09MB

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