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The Lounge is an off topic forum, in some ways similar to the CCC, but somewhat stricter. It was conceived during the MFGG Improvement Initiative as the Community Fridge, but its name was changed to the Lounge shortly before it opened in summer 2010, possibly drawing its inspiration from MoneyMan's popular MFGG Lounge topic.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for access to the Lounge are at least one of the below:

  • One of the Happy Heart badges.
  • One of the Super Submitter badges or a Big Help badge and less than or equal to 20% warn.
  • 0% warn, 100+ posts and an account-age of at least 2 months.


Joke Game Contests

Main article: Joke Game Contest

Joke Game Contests are hosted in the Lounge, and are thus a Lounge-only competition. To fit in with the generally laid-back attitude of the Lounge, they are much less serious than the other MFGG competitions.


The Lounge was host to various events from time to time. Sometimes the name and appearance of the Lounge is changed to reflect the event taking place, and in certain events, the Lounge is opened to all members of the forum, regardless of meeting the entry requirements.



Halloween 2010 (being the first Halloween after the opening of the Lounge) was the first Halloween themed event (and, in actuality, the very first event at all) to be hosted in the Lounge. The forum was opened to every member, and hosted a Clue-esque murder mystery involving the members, staff and several event accounts at a party. The Lounge was renamed into the Horrifying Halloween Hallway, and sported a spooky new description to match. The skin was forced to Booberry, and creepy music could be heard playing in the event topics. Members could also have their names changed to spooky alternatives, to add to the holiday spirit.

As the party progressed, guest narrator character Lemony Snicket told the tale of the murders as they happened. Each time a member was killed, they were given a ghost member bar, and several clues were left at their murder scene. Using these clues, the members had to work out who the culprit was, eventually finding out that it was Santa, after being strung along into thinking that it was Dex, the red herring.

The event began on Saturday the 30th of October, and ended on Sunday the 31st. The Lounge was open to all until the afternoon (GMT) of the 1st of November. The small pumpkin pixel art used in the forum description was created by jedzed on pixeljoint.


The Lounge was originally moderated and led by DavidCaruso and Dex, but when Dex was promoted to Administrator and DavidCaruso back to Global Moderator, it was decided that the Lounge would be managed by the Global Moderators.


The Lounge was disliked by much of MFGG, and its failure was one of the factors that contributed to the splitting of MFGG. Because the entry requirements were significantly tighter than those of the CCC, the list of active members who could access it was quite short. Because of that, along with the decline of the MFGG community in general thanks to forum drama and cannibalization from other off-site forums, The Lounge never became particularly active, and its presence often caused non-Lounge members to post spam in the General Chat. Another problem was that The Lounge was often perceived as being a "General Chat 2," since its rules were enforced much more strictly than previous casual forums.


The Lounge, like other boards not directly related to making games, is no longer a part of MFGG after The Split. However, members were still able to - and sometimes did - make posts in The Lounge several months after the first phpBB forum was archived. Many of these posts were critical of Minus World's community and administration. Eventually The Lounge was locked, although event leaders can still apparently post.