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The Forum Games is a forum on the MFGG Message board which allows members to play "games" with posts. There are many variations of forum games, ranging from "Finish the story" type games to "Count to a number" type games. The original Forum Games forum was also home to the MFGG High RP, one of the biggest topics in MFGG history (behind LAMGS).

Due to Forum Games being less popular than other forums, and taking up room, it was merged with the Pointless Post Palace in the first half of 2006. A topic made by Elly was stickied there, which provided a list of active forum games, so that they weren't lost in the mass of PPP topics; however after a while it was de-sticked supposedly due to lack of forum game interest.

The Forum Games forum was re-opened by Yoshiman on December 12, 2007, below the Casual Conversation Castle (which replaced the PPP). It was closed once again on December 29th, 2007, admidst public disdain from too many bad threads by newer members. Yoshiman locked topics that he thought weren't forum-worthy, and enough locking arose to decide to remove the forum. Two of the threads, the Banned game and The Pit of 99,999 Trials, went to The Vault. The Pit of 99,999 Trials was later moved to the CCC.

Forum Games was revived in November 2009 when the new phpBB boards opened and was a subforum of General Chat. In early 2010, Forum Games was moved to "The Dungeon," and posts would no longer add to the post counter. At this time, interest in the forum declined somewhat. In summer 2010, Forum Games was removed altogether and replaced with the new Serious Forum Games board, while simpler forum games would henceforth be confined to The Lounge.

On the current version of the MFGG forums, forum games were at first held on the General Chat forum. However though, due to a high demand of giving the forum games their own forum again, the Forum Games forum was revived on July 25, 2015, with an official set of Forum Games Rules posted on the forum. The forum was archived on July 9th, 2017. Space Junk Galaxy is now the place for Forum Games.

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