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Aliases: MM, Money, MONKEYMAN
Interests: Video Games, Spriting, Computer
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MoneyMan is one of those average member on MFGG. He doesn't have very many outstanding features, except for being the Herald of MFGG by making the MFGG News, his joke "moneyman 4 mod" campaign, and making the somewhat controversial MFGG Lounge topic. He is a fair spriter and a decent re-shader. He migrated to MFGG from the Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor.

MoneyMan's Great Accomplishments


On 2010's April Fools event, MONEYMAN's name was changed to MONKEYMAN, and he became a fake moderator; he got the moderator bar, but not the badge or powers.


On May 1, 2010 MONEYMAN FINALLY decided to give his name capitolizaiton.


On May 10, 2010 MoneyMan got his own group for making the MFGG News, the Herald group. At first this group only had a special membertag, with the same powers as a normal member, but on the next day it got the ability to announce topics made by himself in the General Chat. This power was only meant to be used to announce his monthly MFGG News, and he was told this. When the news forum was resurrected his powers were changed so he could post topics in the news forum. The Herald group was removed in late May 2010 for unknown reasons, then recreated a couple of days later.

His Warns/Bans

  • Shortly after joining MFGG, he made a topic asking what the CCC and PPP was. It turned into a flame war, and he made several posts with just :ugh: and :nope: in them. He was banned for one day for spamming.
  • Several months later he participated in a short fad where people used HTML to flip the page upside down. He was banned for 2 days. He was one of 3 people banned, even though other people did much worse according to him and they got less time, and others did even worse and got no time.
  • Less than a week later he was banned for HTML abuse again, copying code from a post Lightning made earlier which made the page be funky. He was banned for 2 days.
  • He also got a silly warn once for "investigating a case in Los Angeles without permitting assistance from Phoenix Wright." It was part of a series of silly bans by DJ Yoshiman.
  • Sometime in October 2009, he was muted on the main site for making a comment along the lines of "This is proof that quality control is in the ****er." (He was unmuted May 2, 2010)
  • In MFGG 3.0 he was warned on February 15, 2010 for getting on a bandwagon of people quoting slow_clap.gif.