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The General Chat forum is the "serious" forum of MFGG. While topics are not required to be completely serious, they should at least be discussable. Common topics posted include:

Unfortunately, the General Chat is occasionally used in lieu of other forums, most notably the The Gaming Corner. The "seriousness" of the General Chat has a tendency to scare some members away from posting there. A policy was implemented wherein any member who posts at topic with "I don't know if this is General Chat worthy" will receive a slap with a Cheep-Cheep.


After the death of the CCC, the MFGG staff tried to mitigate the loss of MFGG's most active forum by adopting a more lenient policy with spam in the General Chat. In reality, however, this merely led to extremely inconsistent moderation and constant drama, contributing greatly to The Split. Some members lamented the lack of an off-topic board on New MFGG for posting things like "How was your day?" topics or commercial video games, but others have noted that reviving the General Chat might attract some of the unsavory types who have left MFGG. That's not to mention the fact that there are plenty of offsite forums, besides Minus World, which are widely populated by current or former MFGGers.

Tragic was the last General Chat moderator. This role has previously been filled by Joey, Xgoff, Tri, Kritter, Kyori, and Zero Kirby.

The General Chat Strikes Back

On November 18th, 2012, the General Chat returned, in honor of the Wii U's release. Miles was promoted to a global moderator when the General Chat was reopened. The newest iteration of the GC has been less active than it once was, but it's also seen less drama and bickering compared to the General Chat of the first phpBB board, and topics like the new MFGG Wrestling have attracted a good amount of positive activity. For a long time, many MFGGers had requested that a dedicated Forum Game subforum be re-implemented, with gradually increasing demand. On July 25th, 2015, it was finally re-implemented, leading to a massive increase in forum games on MFGG.

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