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The Administrator badge, worn by all admins.

The Administrators (admins) of the Mario Fan Games Galaxy forums hold the highest and unparalleled power to open the Admin CP, allowing them to move, rename, delete, create, re-synchronize, and entirely purge any category or forum. They also have the ability to promote and demote members, modify all board settings, perform name changes, and hand out badges.


Administrators hold the highest power on the forums. Besides having access to the Admin CP, they can do anything that Global Moderators can do - move topics, delete topics, sticky/unsticky topics, close and open topics, edit posts, merge posts/topics, give warnings, and ban members, as well as other abilities. Administrators keep the forums under control and enforce rules throughout the whole forum, and have the ultimate responsibility of using their powers in a professional manner.

Admins have access to Forum 6, which only admins, moderators, and site staff can enter, and talk about the forum's organization and other matters to attend to. Admins are also expected to play a pivotal role in planning and implementing MFGG's overarching strategy.

Current Administrators

Former Administrators


  • Before Jas resigned, as a joke, she promoted The Face to admin. Cutman managed to log on to The Face, deleting the whole MFGG Message Boards, causing The Great Mistake. However, Jas managed to make Delmore an admin before she resigned, and quickly deleted The Face and his alternate account Landmaster.
  • Retriever II and Techokami also technically have Admin powers, but they only use them for technical purposes. This is similar to Char's role when he was part of the Tech Admin group.
  • Administrators who have admin powers on the forums are often, but not always, admins on the mainsite.

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