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The Submit-it is a forum where members can post submissions to the main site, in case they have any reason to not use the PHP upload system. Games that are too large to upload to the site directly can usually be posted here, so they can be added manually.

Unlike uploading from the main site, moderators of the forum are able to add submissions regardless of whether the user is registered on the site or not. Because of this, however, the submission is not editable by the user, and all updates or changes have to be made by the staff (Unless the staff are able to successfully link a submission with an author). Also, as everything is done without notification, so updated submissions will not appear in the news if updated by a staff member, or show up in the update log of the submission. Moderators are also unable to upload reviews this way as they are unable to edit the game ID of the review (Thus meaning it will not be associated with a game and therefore not appear).

The mods were previously Site Staff members, Thunder Dragon, and Techokami, but this forum was removed in the move to phpBB3.

2014 return

Submit-it was briefly brought back in April 2014 after numerous members reported experiencing problems when submitting large files to the mainsite. The forum was archived after the "Suitable Model Not Found" glitch was fixed.