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Lemony Snicket

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Interests: Running from the authorities.
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Lemony Snicket, named after the narrator and key character of Daniel Handler's A Series of Unfortunate Events, is an enigmatic member who appeared on October 30, 2010 to narrate the events of The Murderous MFGGer. He is supposedly a wanted man hiding in MFGG during the proceedings.

As with the novel series, Snicket's posting style utilized delicate and strange manners of speaking, casually describing horrible acts and insisting that readers should stop reading.

Snicket's first post was a topic titled A terrible thing is about to happen (later The Murderous MFGGer.) He later began reporting the "deaths" of multiple members, including Professor Hershel Layton. He gave no commentary as to any other subject.

After the event and his closing statement, Snicket vanished, and considering the post-events of The Split, it's unlikely he will ever return.