Worthless Post Palace

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The Worthless Post Palace, often abbreviated to WPP, was a board created on the 21st of June, 2007. It was a read-only forum where un-worthy topics from the Pointless Post Palace were moved to. It was situated in the Dungeon, along with the PPP and the Archives.


The WPP was created when the board layout was altered in June 2007, the idea being it would limit the amount of worthless spam in the PPP. For a while it was abused with people purposely trying to get their topics moved there until a rule was written against it. On the 6th of September 2007, the WPP was deleted as it wasn't really making a difference to the posts of the PPP at all. It was also used as a dumping ground for bad topics, despite moderators already having the Cave of Flames for this.

Name changes

The WPP, like the PPP, experienced a number of name changes in it's short lifecycle, mainly done by Trasher:

  • The forum's name was changed and it was "for sale" (Mid July 2007).
  • WPP: The Cave of Lames (Late July 2007)
  • Several other unknown names