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The Arts Board is a forum where members can post their artwork, music or fiction, along with pretty much anything 'artistic' other than Fangames. The idea for this forum was originally brought up by RageMario around February 2004, and was given permission by Thunder Dragon and the other administrators for the board to be created.

As well as general art, the Arts Board is famous for its high number of Request Topics and the General Friendly-ness topic. On August 9, 2006, a request subforum was opened for these topics, with the popular and recent request topics moved there, although it was removed in June 2007.

On November 16, 2007, two subforums, WIP/Sketch and Sprite Rips were created. However, the latter was later moved to Fangame Discussion. Due to the lack of interest, the latter was removed. The first iteration of the Arts Board on the phpBB boards also included a Doodles subforum intended to separate serious artwork from silly sketches where the creator isn't interested in receiving serious critique. However, the Doodles board was never particularly active or successful.

After The Split, the Arts Board was renamed into Graphics & Audio, and is now designed to be more friendly to those wishing to get critique on sprite rips while placing a lower emphasis on fine art, fiction, or other things that are unlikely to be used in a fangame or indie project. On February 4, 2016, the Graphics & Audio forum was renamed back into The Arts Board.

Before The Split, this forum is moderated by McKnackus I.

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