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The Pointless Post Palace (often abbreviated to PPP) was the spam section of the MFGG forums. The forum was dedicated entirely to spam, off-topic posting, and general thoughtlessness. Barring prunings, it was the largest section of the message board, and was one of the oldest sections as well. It lasted from 2001 to 2007 before being closed down to make room for a more sensible alternative, the Casual Conversation Castle board.

The PPP was a controversial forum. For many years people believed that it should have been removed to "decrease the stupidity" usually seen on the boards. However, others argued that the deletion of the PPP would cause an unwanted backwash of spam into other forums. Many members would only visit MFGG because of the PPP, threatening to leave if it were removed for good. Sometimes the PPP got its own "spam," usually from the Help! and Arts boards. Said "spam" was usually posted in the PPP because it was extremely active, although it was looked down on by the moderators and administrators.

Around August of 2005, the PPP became so large that the database of Mario Fan Games Galaxy was on the verge of collapse, and would bring down the entire board. Thankfully, Retriever II painfully reconstructed and patched the database, but the Palace had to be trimmed down to less than 20% of its original size. Following this, the PPP received prunings when the page count got to about 1000, with many "events" taking place around that time.

Name Changes

Ravioli Time.

The PPP had many name changes throughout its lifespan, usually due to an admin's boredom, or because of a certain event that was happening at the time. Often the name or description changed to reflect a Walrus sprite from the CD-i game "Super Mario's Wacky Worlds". The Walrus, having become an MFGG icon since, has appeared many times in both the title or description of the PPP. The Walrus PPP name changes occurred almost daily during the events of E3 2006 as various information was released. The PPP was also frequently renamed Hell, with the banner and background altered to reflect the name change.

A list for name changes the PPP went through:

  • Pointless Post Pallace
  • Walrus
  • Ravioli Time
  • Mike Jones Post Palace
  • Paintless Post Palace
  • Pointless Toast Palace
  • Pointless Post Palace DS
  • The Interrobang
  • PPP: Now I'm on the floor! Where are you going?
  • Brawl for PPP first!
  • PPP: We do what we must, because we can
  • Pointless Ghost Palace
  • Pointless Engineer Palace
  • Pointless Dohst Palace
  • Pointless Votes Palace
  • Pirate Puns Palace
  • Pointless WIP Palace
  • Casually Posting/Casual Post Palace
  • Premium Post Palace
  • Poltergeistic Post Ponderous
  • All That Post Palace

Pointless Post Pallace

For a long period back in the EZBoard days, the "Palace" part of the PPP was spelled incorrectly, having two "l"s instead of the usual one. Of course, this was in the early period of MFGG where typos and spelling mistakes were quite common.


Pointless Post SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN was one of the epic PPP name changes made by ShadowMan in honor of having 666 pages in the PPP.

Mike Jones Post Palace

Mike Jones Post Palace was a PPP name change that had an embed music in the background with Mike Jones saying all of the Mike Jones he said.


ZION, THE WAR IS OVER is another name change. The background image was World War II and the background music was Queen's We Are The Champions. This is a direct reference to the PC game The Matrix: Path of Neo.

Paintless Post Palace

The Paintless Post Palace was another epic PPP name change. It only had a picture saying "Never forget. 3/28".

Land of the Hoff

On May 29, 2007, ShadowMan replaced RII's "Road Work Ahead" sign at the top of the page with pictures of David Hasslehoff. Soon, he multiplied them, and they began to overlap every thread in the the PPP. Many MFGGers were very annoyed as ShadowMan made it so that you could not see the threads or even reply. A few minutes later it was stopped, but then it came back for another few minutes and after for a while it said Land of the Hoff. Even though the "Road Work Ahead" sign remained a few days after the Hoff change had gone, many believed that the Hoff change was the "road work".

Pointless WIP Palace

This name change followed the 12th November PPP pruning. The PPP "broke" during this event causing it to have giant cracks and patches across the forum.


The PPP had a few temporary sub-forums added to it as well at various periods, such as the Really Secret Forum and SPECTRE. Events such as Zombie Week where also organised in the PPP.

Combining with Forum Games

Main article: Forum Games

The Forum Games forum was combined with the PPP causing a slight uproar among a few of the less-popular members. Members who still wished to participate in forum games had to mark "[forum game]" as the description of any of their game-related topics so that PPP-frequents don't spam them up. Since then, forum games were quite rare on the PPP, and complaints about them eased to exist.

Worthless Post Palace

Main article: Worthless Post Palace

On the 22nd of June 2007 the layout of the forum was completely changed, and the PPP was not left out. Whereas it was mostly the same as before, it was now under moderation by specific PPP Moderators; Tragic, Black Squirrel and Jas, as well as the usual Global Moderators and Administrators. The aim was to prevent spam and unworthy topics, which would now be moved into the read-only forum, Worthless Post Palace (WPP). Also, the "Fun Stuff" section was renamed to "The Dungeon". The Worthless Post Palace has since seen a closure in an ironic twist of fate when it was found to be worthless itself.


The PPP received many temporary closures during its lifespan. On December 16, 2006, the Pointless Post Palace was closed "until further notice as a result of general douchebaggery" for three days. While it was closed, other areas in the forum, particularly the General Chat, saw an increase in activity.

The PPP has also been temporarily closed off as a result of forum pruning (see Stupidity Discharge and Pointless Supernova). It has also exploded before now. For years there has been talk about closing the forum for a bit just for a laugh, but until November 22, 2007, it was always thought very unlikely that the PPP would be permanently deleted.

On November 14, 2007, the PPP was closed shortly after a prune, as a preventive measure. The close was prompted by the recent reorganization of the forum staff, to avoid possible drama over the changes. As before, other areas of the forum benefited from the closure, but as a consequence the general activity had reduced.

Closed for good

On November 22, 2007, the PPP was permanently closed, and a temporary replacement forum, the Casual Conversation Castle (CCC), was put in its place. The CCC is currently in a trial stage. It was originally called "Casual Posting" until it was suggested to be changed to "Casual Post Palace", in "honor" of the PPP. Shortly after that people began to wish for a different name. Nova suggested the name "Casual Chatting Castle" which received a positive reaction from some members but was still ignored by staff. Later that day 123James logged in and suggested the name "Casual Conversation Castle", "to keep the triple letter thing going." in a completely different topic unaware of Nova's suggestion earlier. Yoshiman loved the suggestion and granted it. According to Yoshiman, the PPP has been permanently deleted as of the end of the IPB era, although all of its "major" topics were saved due to the prune just before its closure.

The PPP has returned

The PPP was brought back in 2015 as an April Fools joke, which is now named as the "Premium Post Palace". Functionally, it is very similar to past versions of the PPP, and allowed almost any kind of topic to be made. It was free to access as a one-day trial, but after April Fools members would have been required to spend fifteen Tusk Bucks to gain a one-week membership.

Many members had taken that opportunity to re-launch many popular topics of the PPP's past, including Kissing Booth Theory and Pit of 99,999 Trials, though it had been reduced to 1,000 trials.

The PPP returns again

The PPP was brought back in October 2015, this time inside the Deep Hallowsphere, and now named as the "Poltergeistic Post Ponderous". Like the Premium Post Palace, it allows any kind of topic to be made.

"All That Post Palace"!?

During April Fools Prank 2016, a PPP-like forum called "All That Post Palace" sprouted up, but not for long, since today was April Fools at the time it was made. This was part of the "All That" April Fools forum joke, in which every corner of the forum has been transformed to revolve around the 90s Nickelodeon sketch comedy All That.

Users are free to post in the All That Post Palace, but all topics should be related to "All That", otherwise the user's account may be altered with Dan Schneider references.

Space Junk Galaxy

Main article: Space Junk Galaxy

To celebrate MFGG's 16th anniversary, Space Junk Galaxy was opened as a trial session during the summer. The forum is similar to the PPP, as the forum rules are more relaxed in Space Junk Galaxy.

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