General Friendliness

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General Friendliness can be applied to two areas that once existed on the boards: the topic (titled "General Friendly-ness") and the sub-forum which was spawned from the topic.

The Topic

Created by Mecha, General Friendly-ness was one of the largest existing topics on the entire boards at over 200 pages. It was an area where members could post assorted gifts to others -usually drawings- but other forms of gifts such as sprites or comics were allowed. It had been moved twice, first from the Arts Board to the General Friendliness sub-forum, then back again due to the future deletion of the latter.

The Forum

Created to allow more organization in relation to the original topic, and to let members have their own topics for their gift art or requests. Though the concept worked for a while, it was becoming apparent that request topics were starting to become the main focus of the forum, contrary to the original purpose. This angered many members, who began to request that the forum be removed. Others wanted the forum to stay, but a large portion of these members were "frequenters" of the forum. Eventually, it was decided to delete the forum. However, it was held in the Archives until some topics were finished; afterwards, it was deleted. However, on December 5th, 2007, it was reopened with Tragedy Anne as Forum Janitor and moderated by Shyguy Grey. When the forums moved to the phpBB software, the General Friendliness forum was removed for good.


  • During the June 2007 board restructure, many jokes were made about the sub-forum in regards to its future. The name was changed multiple times by Klobber, and animations of Retriever II running in front of a nuclear explosion were added to the description.
  • Demonlemon is the only person (As of January 15th, 2008) to be banned from the General Friendliness; he has over THREE HUNDRED (Not a mistype) drawings/sprites due to requests.