The Split

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During 2010, MFGG had been in a lengthy slump. Both the quality and quantity of fangames in general had been declining, and the forum experience - especially in the General Chat - had been disappointing at best. The MFGG Improvement Initiative project and the opening of The Lounge had done little to arrest the decay.

The MFGG community had been debating more than ever before about how to improve the site. On November 5th, 2010, shortly after the change in Administrators, DJ Yoshiman and Black Squirrel decided that the best means of creating a new MFGG was to separate the fangaming part of the forums and splitting the community aspects of MFGG onto a new site, which later earned the name The Minus World after some amount of debate.

The community immediately responded, with almost half of MFGGers in favor of the split and slightly more than half against it. Various reasons were given to back up support or opposition of the change.

The new community-oriented forum, Minus World, opened on November 15th, 2010 and briefly served as the hub of all MFGG activity before the new MFGG forums opened on November 26th, 2010.

Since The Split, MFGG is less active, but the fangaming-related boards are in a healthier state than they were before splitting, and bickering and trolling have dropped considerably. Since splitting, MFGG eventually brought back some of the community-oriented boards, such as the General Chat, but the focus is still on fangame development. Even to this day, however, members on both MFGG and Minus World sometimes debate whether splitting the forums was the right way to go.

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