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The MFGG Improvement Initiative was started May 23, 2010 by Guinea, Char, Skid$$$, El Huesudo II, Mechant, Elyk, DavidCaruso, Biddy, Jazz, and Kyori. It is an experiment to help improve the general attitude of MFGG, mostly the decline in quality of the General Chat, as well as concerns about trolling, general hostility, and elitism/"OCD-ness." The team came up with three solutions:

  1. Restructure the ruleset to be simpler, broader, and easier to understand. They are a lot like the rules during the Invision era, but more general.
  2. Completely revamp the warn system to make it a 100 point system, have your warns go away quicker, and other things.
  3. Make an off-topic forum not related to the CCC/PPP called The Lounge. This forum is like the GC, only a bit looser. With this the General Chat will become stricter.
  4. An additional, unofficial fourth solution, proposed by Mecha the Slag, that emphasizes increasing the fangaming focus of the forums.

None of these proposals were enacted immediately, although The Lounge was finally opened a couple of months later.

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