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The Casual Conversation Castle was created on November 22, 2007 by DJ Yoshiman, after the Pointless Post Palace was closed for a week. For a period, like the PPP, it was moderated by CCC Mods Black Squirrel and Bacteriophage. The CCC no longer exists, nor does its replacement The Lounge.


The CCC was in spirit the same as the PPP, but with significantly tighter guidelines. It was originally only accessible to those who have the Happy Heart badge and no less than 250 posts. At first, members had to request to use the forum as a system was not in place to add them automatically. Emphasis has also been placed on the elimination of the gibberish and pointless spam that sometimes peppered the PPP.

Name Changes

The CCC received several temporary name changes:

  • Casual Posting
  • Casual Post Palace
  • Presumptuous-Planning Pre-Paid Picture-Perfect Pumping Post Palace
  • Transforming Conversation Castle
  • Hoffmoon Haven
  • Casual Communist Castle
  • Casual Conversation Ghost Town
  • Cyberwalrus Conversation Castle
  • Casual Time Battle 3
  • Bad Wolf
  • Ca.ual Con.ersa.ion Cas.le
  • .a.u.....n....a.i...C.s..e
  • ..........................
  • Casual Conversation Capsule
  • Casual Voting Castle
  • Casual Christmas Castle
  • Casual Caesarian-Section Castle
  • /wooo/
  • Casual Cacodemon Christmas
  • Cacodemon Christmas Castle
  • SANTA'S IN THE GC Castle
  • Hardcore Horseplay Hallway
  • Casual Super Mario Epic 3 Castle
  • Pointless Post Palace (Just Kidding)
  • SummerFest

Casual Posting

The original forum name, changed due to the name sucking.

Casual Conversation Ghost Town

The CCC was apparently due to become a ghost town after the American release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It didn't.

Casual Time Battle 3

The CCC's name change due to the release of ShadowMan's Mario's Time Battle 3. A screenshot was captured with the Walrus in the place of Mario. Because Black Squirrel is a sucker for anything regarding time travel and breakings of the space time continuum, it eventually became...

Bad Wolf

Changed because of the end of "Turn Left", a Doctor Who episode which also deals in time travel. Bad Wolf is a re-occurring theme in that show symbolizing that something bad is due to happen. In this case, Daleks again. The Walrus from Casual Time Battle 3 became surrounded by Dalek saucers because all universes including the one in Mario's Time Battle 3 are apparently under threat, apparently.

Life on MFGG

On July 23rd, 2008, Quackers registered an account on MFGG to warn its members of a disturbance in the space time continuum. He adopted a "CCC Mod" status. He was eventually banned by Black Squirrel. The ordeal was rather crappy in terms of MFGG forum events.

However, on August 8th, 2008, the forum name began to slowly disappear, with the Walrus slowly losing stability, before collapsing into a time hole. This sent the CCC back into the year of 1973, with the page title appearing as "VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM APPLICATION GALAXY: COPYRIGHT MCMLXXIII", and the logo reading "Life on MFGG", complete with a skin based on the 1970' BBC show "Life on Mars". Quackers became unbanned, gained a 1970's-themed avatar, and began posting about a time hole in the CCC.

About 25 minutes later, Techokami began posting about how he is from the future, in the year 4625. He convinces a large majority of MFGG that the only way to save the CCC from the time hole is to kill Quackers. Thus, Quackers fell and retreated from the forum, before his work could be finished.

Then a twist was announced - Techokami's future self was really Evil Space Techokami, a henchman working for The Walrus, and he wanted Quackers dead to prevent him from stopping the capsulization of the CCC to be used in a superweapon. Despite the efforts of a quickly-formed team of bandits, the CCC was capsulized, and a Javascript redirect was put into the special skin that sent people to an animation of the CCC being capsulized made by Shadowman.


Many members complained about the requirements to viewing and posting in the forum. Most complaints are from those who do not meet the requirements, but a small percentage of those who do also criticize the requirements. Many felt that the forum should be at least viewable to normal members. Others, particularly members of the administration, disliked the tendency for the CCC to displace topics with legitimate discussion value that should've gone in the General Chat or other parts of MFGG.

Closure notice

On February 9, 2008, a topic was posted in the News forum by Jas. It stated that the CCC would be closed within a week, due to various "problems" such as elitism and inefficiency of the access system. Predictably, there was a huge backlash, with many members pointing out that the forum had been doing much better recently compared to the past. Many topics sprang up in the CCC about the imminent "death" of the forum, and a petition to keep the forum was started.

Eventually, the decision to delete the forum was reversed, to the relief of many members. However, as a compromise, new rules were introduced:

  1. The CCC will now be a GC subforum (possibly to help increase GC exposure)
  2. A new five-strike system is planned: three strikes will equal a temp ban from the CCC, five will equal a permanent ban
  3. Everybody is a Casual Member by default (but placed in the original "Members" group)

Rule 1 was reinstated due to complaints about CCC topics being shown in the GC's "Last Post Info" column on the Forum Index page, leaving mods to believe that there was spam in the GC.

The plan did not work however, and the CCC quickly degenerated into a second PPP. Before demoting himself to Global Moderator, Tragic re-instated the original Casual-only requirements, which was heavily endorsed by Black Squirrel, the new administrator.

Public Opening

On June 2009, the removal of the Casual Member system effectively made the CCC accessible to every member that is at least in the Members group.

April Fools Forum

On The first of April, 2008, the CCC was made a password protected forum. 7 clues were released, most by Jeff Silvers.

The clues were:

  1. Think below the stars.
  2. The sound of one hand clapping.
  3. It's not exactly a Super Mario Galaxy reference.
  4. It's a small world, after all.
  5. You're the one who gave me this.
  6. Think above the core of the planet.
  7. I sold you and you sold me.

The password was revealed to be flacid_fish.


The CCC was abolished when the new phpBB forums opened; in its place, the GC rules were made more lenient with some off-topic discussion. In addition, new categories for forum games and video game discussion will absorb much of the old CCC content. In summer 2010, a new board, The Lounge opened, which is similar to the CCC but with tighter eligibility standards than the CCC ever had. Since The Split, of course, MFGG has had no PPP, CCC, Lounge, or any other "casual" forum.