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Developer(s) ShadowMan, Hippoman, Techokami, Thunder Dragon
First release Waligie DX
(Release date unknown)
Latest release Waligie Dark
July 2017
Genre Platformer
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows

Waligie is a critically obscure fangame character (and the collective name of the game series he is in) who was accidentally created when Hippoman and ShadowMan were talking about a spelling mistake made by King Piranha Plant.

Games that include Waligie are notable in their replayability, intentional stupidity, and irritating level design. They often include blindingly horrendous graphics, below-par music, and a very original and often confusing storyline. The more humorous parts of Waligie are mainly thought to be the wide variety of MIDI files and the fact most of the levels are goofy, absurd, and in rare cases, impossible.

The first game was a basic side-scrolling adventure with insane levels that are almost impossible to beat unless given a walkthrough (some external ideas and levels were from Cutman). The second game, ironically, has a more professional look compared to its predecessor. It's more interactive, has boss battles that require strategy, and even a tag team system (which made the game even more hard and frustrating). However, it was more unpolished and untested than the first game, with some levels and bosses being frustrating beyond belief to complete, and in some cases, not even possible to beat at all.

The Waligie games were supposed to be a trilogy, but expanded to have many spin-off games. Waligie 3 was on hiatus and was thought to have been scrapped, however it was later released as part of the MFGG 10th Anniversary Time Capsule. Despite this, Waligie Episodes was actually the third Waligie game.

Techokami was given permission by Shadowman to make a quick and dirty Waligie game before the end of 2006. Titled "Waligie Wee Edickone", the game involves minigame-styled boss fights and the option of using the Nintendo Wii Remote as a form of control (it is actually the recommended method of control, but there are keyboard commands available). It was released January 2nd, 2007.

Plot summaries

Waligie DX

It's worth noting these were actually three separate files eventually heathenized into one.

Chapter 1

You learn that Boswer has stolen the world. After crosses two levels, Waligie reaches Boswer and convinces him that violence is not the answer.

Chapter 2

Peache is "stolen" (a.k.a. kidnapped) from the brothers by Boswer; he mocks the brothers as he has made distance between them and him by use of pits containing sharp feathers. The brothers find who they think to be Peache but it is in fact a cyborg replica. After traveling through camel infested Ninja Land they locate another fake Peache who turns out to be a Mushroom Person who immediately explodes. After a devastatingly epic battle with Boswer, Peache is rescued.

Chapter 3

Oompa Loompas steal Peache (she obviously is well liked); the brothers give chase and after nearly capturing one of the evil midgets, he escapes to a nearby orthopedic underwear factory. After Waligie himself navigates through the dangerous [!] box defense system the brothers manage to push past the factory and enter combat with the Oompa Loompa's deathmachine, which is shaped like a giant orange with grotesque facial features. Just as the brothers think they have accomplished victory the deathmachine uses its well-named death beam, causing instant death to the brothers. They go to hell, and after navigating through the endless maze of the evil place, must fight Bob Braker's twin and the Oompa Loompas in a battle reminiscent of Obi-Wan versus Dark Vader in Episode Four. After leaving hell they win, or something along those lines.

Waligie 2

In Waligie 2, aka Waligie Allstors, the three brothers travel outside to collect items and stop Boswer from attacking. After a few levels, Wiliggie, their father, falls into hell all of a sudden. The Waligie brothers give chase. They learn that hell has been taken over by the lemon demons. Once they arrive, Wiliggie is freed, Waluide goes to heaven, and Waligie was banished to Limbog. Waluide goes to a world made out of money, but rubs a genie lamp and heaven turns into hell. There he must combat the seven deadly sins: Ducktales, Eggplant, Yellow, Monosodium Glutamate, Jimmy Carter, Potato, and Village People. Meanwhile, Waligie, in Limbog, must complete 14 different minigames. Upon the final chapter of the game, the Waligie Brothers get to the gates of hell but they are locked. Fearing defeat, the Brothers get a visit from their old enemy, Bob Braker. He was tortured by the devil, Lou Bega. Now he is free, and he showed the Brothers the way to the devil's lair. After a battle with Lou Bega, the game is over.

Waligie Episodes

The story (which takes place between Waligie 2 and Waligie 3) starts with Dick Clark in space. He hopes to get the Waligie brothers. He plans to send his servent Vincent Prince to attack the brothers, however he never does. After touching an inverted star, walwalwal tells them to go to waterworks to find Dan Rather. Once they tell willigie, however, he tells them it is dangerous to find Dan Rather in the waterworks and tells him not to. They agree, but Waluide launches upward, with a song Waligie says is like "moldy bred". They then go to the waterworks anyway. There they get to dan rather, who is revealed to be Dick Clark's archenemy. Clark says he will get revenge on the brothers, but then the game ends.

"Licensed" projects

Waligie Wee Edickone

A gaiden-type game, Wiligue is now Wiiligue, and the brothers go out to devour underpants. After this, they fight a camel, kill it, and steal Saddam's watch. After hanging Saddam they realize they hung Waluide and must go to heaven to rescue him. After reaching Waluide, Snoop Dogg appears and Waluide must complete two trials, bust some moves, and deliver food to Snoop Dogg. After Waluide busts some moves he gets some dog food for Snoop Dogg, which is protected by the WALRYS (not to be confused with the WALRUS). After hamming up the WALRYS it turns into a ham and Waluide goes back to heaven to give the food to Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg releases Waluide from heaven and the brothers return to the mortal coils. After heading back, Gerald Ford attacks the Waligie brothers but is defeated and proceeds to clone himself. The brothers enter the SEKRET CAEV and must fight Gerald Ford again, except that he has transformed into a portrait of the former U.S. president. After defeating Ford in an epic battle, should you have obtained every medal, it is revealed by Evil Space Techwolf that Ford was the ultimate weapon of the WALRUS (not to be confused with the WALRYS). The brothers are sent to the moon (or, if you didn't get all the medals, back to level 1) and after Wiiligue navigates a treacherous room filled with pits, Waluide has a pointless battle with Chef Boyardee. The brothers enter the MOOM BASE INTERIOURE and the WALRUS sends out Bob Saget Man X, which the brothers defeat in another epic battle. After this, the WALRUS gets angry and says he will get them next time. The game then ends.

Sonic Twist

A very out-of-place entry created by Techokami, this game was made for a bad fan games contest on SFGHQ. Despite not specifically mentioning Waligie or any of its characters, the game does indeed take place in the same world as all other Waligie games, which Sonic and his friends get sucked into. The very twisted fabric of reality causes Sonic's friends to start acting bizarrely, but for some reason Sonic is immune to its effects. They also deal with Manegg, who would have been revealed to be a giant plum. Despite the more Sonic-y feel, all the things one would expect from a Waligie game are present, including many nonsensical death traps. The custom game engine is actually buggier than using built-in movement, and one required ability can make the game unwinnable. If the game were to be finished, Waligie would have definitely made an important appearance. However, the game was never finished, so all that exists is an incomplete 5-level game that jumps straight to the bad ending upon completion.

physco waligie

After being listed foremost in the credits of every single Waligie game, yet otherwise having nothing to do with any of them, Thunder Dragon, with ShadowMan's seal of approval, would finally create a Waligie game just in time for April Fools 2011. The game, which was submitted to MFGG on that day, would fool the player into thinking they were playing Psycho Waluigi... until the Waligie Brothers interrupt the game's intro, revealing its true identity.

The gameplay, while staying true to the rest of the series, incorporates the psychic mechanic from Psycho Waluigi... or rather, a heavily broken imitation thereof. Physco waligie initially seems like it would be impossible to beat, but it is in fact very beatable if you know EXACTLY what to do - exploiting glitches and programming oversights is in fact a requirement to win.

The story begins with Waluide noticing that the forest fire is on fire. After pointing this out to Waligie, who doesn't seem to care one bit, Waluide sets out to stop the blaze himself. He finds a watering can with which to do the job, only to be stopped by Waligie, who claims to be the one behind the fire... he is promptly revealed as Wall-Egie, Waligie's evil, robotic double. Wiligie then arrives to defeat Wall-Egie, revealing that the robot was a creation of Bob Dole, who had also built a machine to replace every word in the English language with "Bob Dole." The real Waligie rejoins the brothers, and they travel to Kansas City to find Bob Dole. They encounter Peache there, who had apparently been kidnapped by Boswer once again... until it was revealed that the villain had fallen victim to Bob Dole's machine. Peache, too, had fallen victim - she reveals Bob Dole's location to the brothers before succumbing to saying nothing more that "Bob Dole." After traveling through the evil mastermind's lair, Waligie finds and defeats Bob Dole, triggering the castle's self-destruct sequence. The brothers escape with their lives, only to encounter Bob Dole's ghost, who promptly merges his spirit with his machine, becoming Dole Pineapple. He is then effortlessly devoured by the brothers, and the day is won.

Waligie Fort

A game made by Techokami for the 371-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart II in under 2 hours. In this game, Waligie gets a call from Boswer about one of his minions, Maske, building a fort next door to the Pocket household. Waligie storms the fort and kicks Maske out.

Waligie and the Political Machine

Waligie was working at the sugar factory when he took all the sugar, causing the factory to explode. That made the stork market crash. And then, Glenn Bleck announced his plan to make everyone feel the way they did on the day after 9/11, and then become king. He then meets the oracle, who says he must destroy Bleck's source of power, the political machine.

Other Waligie games

fun game, in it; waligie

fun game, in it; waligie is a game made solely by Hippoman; it was released at six minutes past three GMT on November the 22nd 2008. It was rapidly developed during Hippoman's excessive free time at university. A lot of the levels were created while he was intoxicated and one was completely made by a housemate who had very little knowledge of computer games. A lot of the jokes within the game are slightly more British (Hippoman thoroughly enjoyed the comedy in SHPDMBGWL4) and the game is laden with secrets which are too obscure to find. Hippoman has played through the entire game in one sitting a single time. The game is notoriously hard to complete.

Waligie and the Credit Crunc

Waligie and the Credit Crunc is a quick fangame made by Shadowman in March 2009. In this game, Waligie is working in the sugar factory, where he measures the sugar, and he has to pick up many cases of sugar as he walks a monotonous 100 miles to reach the end of the factory, which takes around eight minutes to reach. Upon doing so, he collects a large amount of sugar, and then the factory overloads and Waligie has to escape. Upon returning to his house, he learns from Wiliggie that the destruction of the sugar factory has caused a worldwide economic collapse.

Waligie Dark

Waligie Dark (or, as it's referred to on the title screen, Waligie DARK: Death Revenge Saga) is a game released by Shadowman in July 2017. It is a "darker and edgier" Waligie title, likely meant to parody gritty reboots of established series. The game begins with Waligie mourning the death of his fourth brother Walgibie, who was unmentioned previously because he apparently lived in Minnesota. He is then told by his living brother Wiligie that the Dark Monsters of Bloodhaven Grove had attacked them. Wiligie is then killed, causing Waligie to swear revenge against the monsters and become the eponymous Waligie Dark.

Character Biographies

Waligie - The Measuring Sugar Man
Bob Braker
Have you the courage to challenge Chef Boyardee to a battle?
Lou Bega
Orange Man
Dick Clark
Gerald Ford
Glenn Bleck
The Oracle

Waligie Pocket

Waligie Pocket is the main character of the series. He works at the local Sugar Factory as the Measuring Sugar Man. He lives at home with his brothers, Wiligie and Waluide. He is the most well-rounded of the three brothers. He has laser eyes. He says "damn straight" a lot. In Waligie 2, he collects sugar.

In Waligie 2, Waligie is banished to Limbog where he must play a series of games before gaining access to the inner sanctum of the devil.

In Waligie Episodes, Waligie goes to Waterworks to find Dan Rather after the request of his cousin, Walwalwal.

Wiligie Pocket

Wiligie Pocket is Waligie's brother and is probably unemployed. He moves slowly, but jumps high. He has laser nose. In Waligie 2, he collects Scuba Divers.

In Waligie 2, Wiligie is trapped in hell. He must do battle with Chef Boyardee.

Waluide Pocket

Waluide Pocket is also Waligie's brother. He is the fastest, but has a low jump. Apparently, no one likes him (Although his brothers save him regardless) He has laser "bubbles". In Waligie 2, he collects flowers to give to his would be girlfriend.

In Waligie 2, Waluide goes to heaven, but opens an evil genie lamp that causes heaven to turn into hell. There, he must battle the seven deadly sins.

Wiliggie Pocket

Wiliggie Pocket is the father of the Waligie Brothers. In Waligie 2, the same game he is introduced in, a snake destroys the Waligie Brothers' house, and Wiliggie dies and goes to hell. After the brothers defeat the lemon demons, he is released from hell. He appears again in Waligie Episodes, telling the Brothers not to find Dan Rather in the Waterworks.


Walwalwal is Waligie's cousin. He appears very briefly in Waligie Episodes and, for unknown reasons, asks Waligie to find Dan Rather in Waterworks. He appears to have laser mouth.

Curiously, he, along with Walbeebe and Waljojo, are mentioned in the source code of Waligie 2, but the latter two have never appeared in subsequent games.

Bob Braker

Bob Braker is a slave to the devil, Lou Bega. He originally is in control of hell in Waligie DX and punishes the brothers for their sins against humanity (hell is even modelled with a TPIR theme). At the end of the game, he becomes a pacifist, and Waligie fights his twin brother. Near the very end of Waligie 2, Bob Braker re-appears and opens the gates to the devil.

Chef Boyardee

A being that resides in hell. After being defeated by Wiligie, he helps the brothers in the final fight against Lou Bega.

Lou Bega

Lou Bega is the devil and rules over hell. He is actually a giant pulsating lemon that can be easily killed simply by being touched.

Orange Man

In a secret ending to Waligie DX, Orange Man is revealed to be one of the main villains. Early on in the game, it successfully kills the brothers.

Dick Clark

Dick Clark appears in Waligie Episodes. He is the archenemy of Dan Rather and plans to destroy the Waligie brothers. He also has a servent named Vincent Prince.

Gerald Ford

A villain appearing near the end of the regular game in Waligie Wee, he first is shown as an edit of Xander and Toni's Waluigi sprite. After retreating to a cave, he turns into a portrait of the former United States president. He is then destroyed, and revealed to be a weapon created by the Walrus and controlled by evil space Techwolf from the distant future.

Glenn Bleck

The main villain of Waligie and the Political Machine. He wants everyone to feel the way they did on the day after 9/11. It is also revealed that he has a polluting factory. He also kidnaps Wiliggie.

The Oracle

A character from Waligie and the Political Machine. He knows everything and tells Waligie how to stop Glenn Bleck.


  • In Waligie 2, there was originally going to be a long battle with the Village People, but it was scrapped for a simple item collection stage that doesn't involve any of the Waligie brothers or the Village People. It still played the full WAV music of their song YMCA.
  • Waligie 2 game was never fully tested. As a result, at least two of the levels in the game are literally impossible to complete. The Ducktales level forgot to have a platform to the exit, and the Monosodium Glutimate level neglected to include an exit altogether. And the Plant in the Potato Level is unreachable. Such levels encourage use of the passwords to the levels immediately afterward; however, no passwords are stated in the game.
  • There is a painfully hard but actually beatable boss battle with Chef Boyardee in Waligie 2. Nobody has ever been confirmed to beat him. (Hippoman had a damn good try a while ago.)
  • The image of Wiligie comes from a man named Mustachio Pete. http://www.olegvolk.net/olegv/pete/
  • The image of Waluide comes from Dave Zappa, a motorcycle collector. http://www.davezappa.com/zappa.htm
  • The image of Waligie comes from the Vermont health department website (they have appeared to have removed the original image). http://healthvermont.gov/prevent/diabetes/blood_sugar.aspx Upon Parakarry emailing the department asking who the man was in the picture, they replied saying he was a stock photograph and they didn't know who it was, meaning the identity of Waligie may never be found. (It is interesting to note that Waligie's profession, the "Measuring sugar man," was taken from the URL where his picture was found. http://images.google.co.uk/images?hl=en&q=measuring+sugar+man&btnG=Search+Images)
  • Despite the prominence of Waligie's "Laser eyes", they have never been used in any of his games.
  • Waligie Wee was released on January 2nd, 2007. The following day, the real-life Gerald Ford was put to rest in his hometown. A hidden dedication can be accessed: use the password "aaa" to view it.
  • In "fun game; in it; waligie", the first level is supposedly unbeatable. In reality it is. When you encounter the first big spring, bounce to the right; it'll move you onto the 2 unreachable springs that lead you forward onto the level.
  • To skip most of the levels in "fun game; in it; waligie", type "systom" in the password box.

Recurring themes

Fake Platforms

From the very first level and hence throughout; the Waligie games have involved platforms with no collision - a "fake" platform. This idea came from Hippoman thinking the original level was too boring and didn't fit the parameters of the physical joke he was making. So he removed several of the repeating platforms and replaced them with fake platforms. This gave Waligie its first sense of impossibility as the only way one could navigate the level was by guesswork or tedious repetition. The same idea was used on the second "level" this made people think they had to figure out the new pattern of fake platforms when in fact it was a copy and paste of the first level.

Horrible MIDIs/Famous Song MIDIs

Originally simple TGF MIDIs were used; obviously the worst songs being picked. Later on Cutman sent Hippoman a level to be added to the game - Hippoman reveled in its comic genius - and the thing that added to the whole experience was the MIDI playing in the background. It was instantly recognized as an ABBA classic and so from this point the MIDIs in Waligie got progressively worse to the point where some were purposely made for the game to be intentionally bad.

Fruit as villains

In the first Waligie, the Orange was the main villain, who was later revealed to be Orange Man. By coincidence, the main villain of Waligie 2 is also a fruit, a lemon. Not so coincidentally, the final boss of physco waligie is Dole Pineapple.

Memberable Quotes

  • no vilent it not the answer
  • ok me good now
  • damn straight
  • plorg
  • blimey
  • bilmey my ibox is map
  • i am so sexy
  • wot
  • the camel am ded

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