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Techokami's Reference and Main Site Staff Avatar, drawn by Stixdude.
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Aliases: Knuckles T15 (KnuxT15, KT15); Techwolf, Techo
Interests: GNU/Linux
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Techokami is one of the few remaining oldbies of Mario Fan Games Galaxy. He is MFGG's Security Ninja and is admin in the sense that he has access to the Admin CP, but the Administrators call the shots. He is also known for making ROM hacks and some very nice sprite sheets.

Biographical history

Techokami (AKA Knuckles T15) is one of the few oldbies left on MFGG. He arrived in 2002, during the EZBoard era, in the Pointless Post Palace. Known for originally having a uninspired edit of Knuckles for an avatar, and making rather forgettable sprite libs, he has matured over the years.

In 2004, Techokami became a staff member of Metroid: Fan Mission, and in 2005, he rose to second-in-command.

Around the fall of 2005, he talked with PolarKoala about a character redesign, and hence the character "Techokami" was born. On April 20th, 2006, Techokami was given temporary Forum Admin status on MFGG by Thunder Dragon to help clean up a phishing attack caused by Mugenmidget, which became known as the Phishfest.

Techokami has a custom user group: "MFGG Security Ninja". This is to reflect the helping efforts of Techokami in getting the Invision MFGG message board up-to-date with security fixes with Retriever II.

Techokami also holds the record for making two firsts in reviews on the current incarnation of the website: a 127/10 review score for Goomba-Go-Squish, which was shortly after changed to the second feat, a -1/10. The method for performing this has not been disclosed to the public for glaring, obvious reasons. These oddities occurred before he became a staff member, in fact.

On July 4th, 2008, Techokami was hired as a Quality Control Moderator for the main site. Unfortunately, he hardly ever posts nowadays; in fact, he hasn't posted on the forums since July of 2010.

Current projects

Techokami has been devoting time on developing original games. In August 2013, he became a licensed Nintendo developer, and had plans to release original games on the Wii U, however ever since the consoles's discontinuation nobody has seen any of his games.