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The original Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums were hosted using EZBoard software. Some still embrace it, while others despise it. The EZBoards (or as they were called, EZBread) were the longest running incarnation of the MFGG Forums. The only problem with it was the many pop-ups that came with it. When Kritter became a Forum Admin, he decided after a while to bring MFGG into the PHP based board system, originally starting with phpBB, which ran for a while before it was replaced in late February of 2003, when he set up a vBulletin forum. Since then, the boards have had numerous incarnations, when the VBulletin was disabled due to registration issues, the forums were ported to Invision Power Boards, and haven't looked back since.

The MFGG EZBoards are deleted now, but you may still view the archive of it from November of 2001 at the following link:

MFGG Ezboard in 2001

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