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Aliases: Captain Jas (early 2005), PirateQueen (mid 2007)
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Video games, music, drawing, painting, politics, philosophy.
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Jas joined the MFGG forums on the 28th of August 2004, after lurking around the main site since May 2004. She joined the forums to enter the drawing competitions, yet never created any fangames of her own due to her subpar programming abilities. After a few months she befriended Morshu, and assisted him with a fangame of his by writing the opening cutscene and doing the game's level design (in Game Maker). From 2005 and onwards she has improved her artistic skills, and occasionally enters competitions.

On June 22nd, 2007, she became a PPP Mod, and after the chaotic events of November 14th, was promoted to administrator. On February 18th she quit administrating and moderating altogether, due to a combination of stress and a busy schedule. The Great Mistake occurred a day afterward.

Jas still visits MFGG from time to time.

Through a badge transfer oddity, Jas wound up with a KFC Badge, and for a while she was the only person with a KFC Badge. The KFC Badge was originally given to former administrators (and occasionally given, temporarily, as a joke). Unlike other former admins, her IPB-era badges were not transferred to the new phpBB accounts in 2009. Later, during the current iteration of the phpBB boards, VinnyVideo transferred all of her old IPB badges to her current account and decided to transfer the KFC Badge as well, thinking it would be funny to give that badge to someone.

CCC closure

Jas announced on February 9th, 2008, that the Casual Conversation Castle would be closed on February 16th (a week later). She gave the following reasons: (1) A rift existed between the CCC and the General Chat, causing the GC to become duller; (2) The concept of the CCC was elitist and the admission system was inefficient; (3) the forum ought to be focused more on fangaming, and (4) the CCC hadn't been agreed upon by the entire administration from the start.

There was a large reaction of disagreement following this decision (including from other administration members and former ones), with some people taking issue with some aspects of the reasoning, and others with others. As it happened this decision was made only between Yoshiman and Jas, and not mentioned to the rest of the moderating team, the majority of which were against its closure (and many for its current admission system). After immense pressure from most of the CCC memberbase, the CCC remained open although all registered members can view it.