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A large, semi-aquatic mammal that lives in the arctic seas.

Also, an enemy in the leaked alpha of the abandoned SMW sequel for Phillips CDi, Super Mario's Wacky Worlds. Sometimes the odd-looking creature will appear in place of the PPP's normal description on the forum-list, and often with some sort of themed edit to it. One of the most recent examples of this is around the start of E3 2006, when many variations of the fluffy mammal appeared with regularity, sometimes animated but always reflecting new announcements from the convention floor.

It has recently surfaced again in Mode 7, and yet another time fully facing the front (along with the text, "im not going back until joey is demodded. bar none.").

List of Walruses Variations

Image Name Description
Originalwalrus.gif Walrus
Ghostrus.gif Ghostrus A ghostly walrus that was first used for an unknown purpose in 2006. Five years later, it appeared in the haunted forest level in Revenge of the Walrus.
Zomrus.gif Zomrus
Spinrus.gif Spinrus
PS3rus.gif PS3rus
Chiefrus.gif Chiefrus A Master Chief-like Walrus for Halo 3's unveiling at E3 2006.
Wiirus.gif Wiirus A Wii-like Walrus for the new name and design for the Wii at E3 2006.
Solidirus.gif Solidrus A Solid Snake-like Walrus for Metal Gear Solid 4's unveiling at E3 2006.
Steelrus.gif Steelrus A Walrus holding a Wii Remote for Red Steel's unveiling at E3 2006.
Walrusmode7.gif Walrusmode7 A Walrus under Mode 7 effects.
Walrusfront.gif Walrusfront A Walrus facing forwards.
UnderConstruction.gif Constructionrus MFGG's "under construction" logo with a Walrus on it.
Ppp-ds.png A rumoured Halo DS screenshot with a Walrus in it.
Holidayrushd8.gif Holidayrus The Walrus' return from its holiday in Disney World, supposedly explaining the long break between sightings.
Cyberwalrusvl1.gif Cyberwalrus A Cyberman-like Walrus to honour the 2008 season of Doctor Who.
Timewalrus.png Timerus Walrus pasted into Mario's Time Battle 3 shortly after its release.
Timewalrus2.png Timerus2 The second version, because in the upcoming episode of Doctor Who at the time, the earth was attacked by Dalek saucers.
Davrus.gif Davrus A Davros-like Walrus made because... Davros came back.


On the 3rd September 2006, the PPP's name was changed to "JESUS CHRIST, GET AWAY FROM THAT WALRUS!", and the description changed to a YouTube video of an elephant seal being poked. However it was taken down moments later.

This was the result of Trasher finding the video on Something Awful, sending it to Klobber, and much schoolboyish giggling on AIM. The video was quickly taken down because even as far as PPP renames go, embedding Youtube videos in there is just dumb.

Revenge of the Walrus

Main article: Revenge of the Walrus

On April 3, 2010, VinnyVideo announced Revenge of the Walrus, a game where walruses are the main enemies in the game. The final version was released December 21, 2011.

Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs

The third world of Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs introduces Walruses as a recurring enemy, and as a boss.

Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine

Walruses appear in at least one level of Super Mario Bros. & The Midas Machine as an enemy.

Toadette Strikes

Main article: Toadette Strikes

The Walrus appears as an Easter egg in Toadette Strikes. He says a bit of dialogue, and then hands Toadette that levels coin.

"Yep, I'm the Walrus, goo goo g'job, et cetera, and so on." "Here I am making my contractually obligated appearance." "You'd think that after nearly a decade people would be sick of me..." "Yet here you are, all the way out here to visit me..." "It warms up this old, washed-up superstar's heart!" "Here, let me give you a present!" If the Walrus is talked to after this dialogue finishes, he will simply say, "I even signed it for you!"

Super Mario Bros. Dimensions

Walrus's appeared as enemies in the bonus level "Wacky Walrus World", and there are gray variants of them.

Abducted Toad

Main article: Abducted Toad

In Abducted Toad, there are hybrids of Walruses and Serpents. These are known as Hydralruses, and can spawn fireballs from their mouths. Despite being at least partially reptilian from the neck up, they are still aquatic. Basic Walruses appeared in a level of World ?, known as Fangames Galaxy Area. They are not dangerous to touch, but you can bounce on them. Manateeruses also appear in said level, which are found swimming in the water.