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Aliases: DC, David, Horatio Caine
Real name: Sri Lanka
Interests: shades, corny jokes, adaptations
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DavidCaruso joined MFGG in 2009 as a joke account and was quickly banned. He came back on MFGG 3.0, and quickly became known for his humor and his Sprite Competition and Music Competition entries. He become a popular member in a fairly short time. He is often associated with Dexy, being one of his closest Internet friends. DavidCaruso was known both for his contributions in the fangaming and community parts of the boards. He has often been considered one of the funniest members of the board, and his "MFGG Text-to-Speech" videos are quite popular.

Even though he'd only been around for a while, his responsibility and intelligence was really noticeable. On May 26, 2010, he was promoted to Global Moderator. On July 13, 2010, he stepped down from his Global Mod position to become a local mod of The Lounge. On October 6, 2010, DavidCaruso was promoted back to Global Moderator. He served in that position until The Split a month later.

Super Mario Legend

Super Mario Legend debuted at the 2010 NCFC, and the demo met with highly favorable reviews. The project is currently on hiatus and is believed to be canned.