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The Moderator Badge, worn by all Mods that are not Admins

A moderator (mod) in the context of a forum moderator, has powers higher than regular members. Such powers include moving a topic, deleting a topic, editing posts, and closing/opening topics. While they don't have as much power as administrators, they do hold a responsibility above members in keeping the forums as stable as possible in the absence of other moderators.

There are a number of different moderator types:

Global Moderators

Global mods have mod powers over every board on the forums.

The current Global Moderators are Evil Yoshi Toes, Fun With Despair, GamerInGeorgia, and Mors.

Forum-Specific Moderators

Ordinary Moderators have power over only one (or two) forums, however they are able to ban anyone so can use "cross forum moderation" in an emergency.

The most recent forum-Specific moderator around was Parakarry, who moderated the Mario Madness board. There aren't any other Forum-Specific moderators, as the need for one is strikingly low due to the amount of forums that exist now.

CCC Moderators

Formerly there was a stripped-down variation of moderator known as a CCC Mod (previously PPP Mod) that moderated the Casual Conversation Castle. Nicholas Ainsworth, and Bacteriophage were CCC Mods, as were Black Squirrel (eventually promoted to admin status) and Hatman (resigned). CCC Mods could not ban or stretch their powers outside of the CCC, but still carried all other mod powers. Their main purpose was to try and keep the CCC relatively spam-free as that board was considered at that time to be too big for global mods and administrators alone.

As the CCC no longer exists, there are no more CCC Mods.

Past Moderators

Past moderators include Kyle, supertoad2k, FanGuy, SonicProject, Elyk, El Huesudo II, David Caruso, Jazz, Fujiko, and Gato. Jas and Hatman were also PPP Mods for a short time until its abolition and 'conversion' to the CCC. Joey was moderator of the General Chat between June and November 14th, 2007. Xgoff was a General Chat mod from March 11th to May 10th 2008. In addition to this, all site staff (except for comment moderators) are given mod powers for the Submit-it, so Ylle, Delmore and Toodles Team have also been moderators in the past. Jak was a moderator for over a year until he stepped down from the position. Tragic was initially a forum-specific mod in the PPP, but was later promoted to global mod and eventually administrator. After a few months, he stepped back down to global mod and resigned entirely one year later.

Prior to the split, MFGG still had forum-specific moderators as well. These included Zero Kirby, who modded the Development Center and Developer Discussion, Tragic who modded the General Chat, Guinea who modded Community Fangame Project, Char who modded the Help! forum, McKnackus I who modded the Arts Board, and Teddy, who modded the the Gaming Corner. All ordinary moderators of the time also modded the News! forum.

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