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Greek Member was a member type used during the April Fools 2010 Forum event. People got this member type by:

  • Being one of the first five people who posted the name of a Greek god (in Greek) in the April Fools intro topic, or
  • Being one of the first five people who found the password to the Ωffhand Ωration Ωlympus.

However, since one of the members qualified for both criteria, there were only nine Greek Members, as opposed to the planned ten. Therefore, Guinea offered a "Greekification" to anyone who could give him a reason to.

  • Sigma got it because his name is also the name of a Greek letter, Σ.
  • DavidCaruso got it for making a post explaining his relationship to Zeus.

At first Greek Members had moderator privileges, but when the administration team discovered this, they fixed it. All Greek members got their name translated into Greek, and their country flag was set to Greece.

The Greek members were:

On April 20th, 2010, Char changed one of GeneralGuy's dupes (moo) member type to Greek Member. He is currently the only member of that type.

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