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Dex's character.
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Aliases: Dex, Mariorocks21, MR21, Speedster, SpriterDex, Adam, The Bard, Melancholy, Dexy (irc), Count Dexy
Real name: Adam
Interests: Pixel-Art, drawing, writing, soccer, and video games
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Dexy, also known as Dex, Adam, and Melancholy, joined the MFGG forums on September 6th, 2006. He is a notorious artist and spriter who is very talented and has won several sprite competitions and drawing competitions over the years. He is a generally likable guy who often browses the Arts Board and was involved the Community Fangame Project.

Before the forum moved to phpBB, Dex started to be a tad more active and contributed to many topics in the CCC and the Arts Board. When the boards moved, he joined as "Dex," but later events would change that name into something much more iconic.

Dex became the local moderator of the Arts Board on June 2, 2010. He became Main Site Comment Moderator on June 17, 2010. On October 06, 2010, Dex was promoted to Administrator, although he quit a month later on November 3, 2010, saying that the administrator of a fangaming site should be an active fangamer.

Curiously, while Dex was never very active on the MFGG mainsite, he technically remained a comment mod (albeit an inactive one) until July 31, 2015, when VinnyVideo challenged Mors to find inactive staff members on the mainsite.

Early start

Dex started off looking for Mario games and such. He saw a site called:, and soon wikied what a sprite was. After learning, he put a lot of effort into spriting, mainly Mario sprites, and finally he decided to search the internet to see if others did the same thing he did. He came across the words: Message Board. Hesistant about joining, he made his username something stupid, and left it as Mariorocks21. He still had no idea how to change it, so he moved on. His first sprite he posted was an SSB Mario, and, even though it wasn't very good at all, he was received as a generally likable new member.


His first friend on MFGG was Josiah. When he joined the forums, he looked up to Josiah, and they became very close friends. He's talked with Josiah since, and they've both become a lot better a pixel-art and drawing. He has also made friends with other MFGGers such as Bacteriophage, Zero Kirby, Fender, Marth, Chaoxys, Max Rider, stanleyscup07, Hatman, Glukom, Badassbill, Fuzzy, Shanks, DavidCaruso, Char, RetroX, Shawn, Tyvon, OSM, Kyori, Mechant, Twistendo, and many others.

MFGG Wrestling

Dex debuted at the MFGG Wrestling topic on a wonderful day, getting information wrong. He worked hard in matches to receive the SVH title. He lost the title to Suigi. He joined XD after defeating Kid Koopa (in his fifth match), a friendly rival.

On January 22nd, 2007, at MFGG Winter Storm, Dex and Captain Jeff Silvers defeated Doc Wario and Julio Cesar F. Kid Koopa congratulated Dex and Captain Jeff Silvers. MFGG Wrestling then kind of disappeared and Dex moved on, of course.

Participation in "The Void"

On a lonesome day at MFGG, in the Casual Conversation Castle, Dex, who was at his aunts, ironically, at the time, sat with nothing to do but browse MFGG. It was a good day, however, to be browsing, as suddenly, the CCC was altered drastically into The Void. This started the Life on MFGG event. Dex actively posted in tons of the topics, intrigued by the mysterious events, and hoping to find some sort of solution to the problem. When it was revealed that Evil Space Techokami was the culprit, Dex, and a team of rag-tag ruffians decided to take on the antagonist with full force. Despite their attempts, the CCC was capsized. It was later returned to normal.

The Bard

The Bard was a former dupe of Dex's. He was created with the intent of helping the forum, and was an instant icon. The Bard's guise is no longer used on the forums, except during the 2010 Halloween event.

Dex Today

When Dex was an active member at MFGG, he posted mainly in the Arts Board and the General Chat board. Dex plays soccer for his high school team, and is a defensive player. He advocates soccer all the time, and loves playing it.

Dex is also a very talented artist - he loves making art, no matter what kind, though he prefers traditional media, along with pixel art.

Dex received the '08 MFGG Award for Best Pixel-Artist on the forums. He's also gotten awards at his favorite site, Pixeljoint, as well. He hopes to better improve his art.

In the '09 MFGG Awards, Dex once again received Best Pixel-Artist, and was also nominated (as the Bard, mind you) for Flame-Proof, Mr. Popularity, and Most Friendly Member.

On June 2, 2010, after serious consideration, Dex was made mod of the Arts Board, due to his will to help out with the forum and his love of art. He was made Mod of The Lounge on July 13, 2010. He hopes to improve the board, and MFGG in general, by being as helpful as he can be. On October 6, 2010, Dex was promoted to Administrator to help Kyori and Chaoxys out and help ease the workload.

Dex was briefly an administrator at Minus World, but he quit after some nasty disagreements with Kyori.

Dex has also been an Administrator at The Spriter's Resource for two years.

Dex's Character

Dex's character is basically just a cartoony little skull with a bow-tie. He has a human ref, as well, but he prefers his more original, color-blended skull.

As "The Bard," Dex sports a long, brown robe, along with a hefty beard and a powerful mahogany staff.

Fun Facts

  • Dex hates everything 4chan related - all the memes, etc.
  • He plays soccer regularly.
  • He's totally a womanizer.
  • He's gotten Top Pixel Art at Pixeljoint.
  • He now digs getting critiqued.
  • His two biggest loves are soccer and art.