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MFGG Wrestling is an e-fed started by Captain Jeff Silvers on July 12, 2006. It is open to all MFGGers. It is currently powered by Zeus Pro 4.0.5.


On July 12, 2006, MFGG moderator Captain Jeff Silvers posted a topic in the PPP advertising the beginning of a new e-fed called MFGG Wrestling (an e-fed is a ficticious wrestling federation on the Internet). He posted a form allowing members to create their own wrestlers. Using the information provided by the members, he created wrestlers in Zeus Pro, a wrestling simulator. Wrestlers can use the topic to issue open challengers, to challenge specific members, or to answer challenges. Members of MFGG Wrestling are also allowed to intefere in matches they aren't a participant in by sending Silvers a private message before the event with the match they want to run-in on and who they want to attack.

MFGG Wrestling begins

Originally, there were to be two shows a week (Saturday Slaughter and Wednesday Warfare), plus a "supershow" on occassional Sundays. On July 15, the first MFGG Wrestling event, Saturday Slaughter, debuted. The original schedule was quickly abandoned when Silvers realized there were too few events to hold members' interests for very long. On July 18, Saturday Slaughter and Wednesday Warfare were officially "cancelled" (with Wednesday Warfare never debuting) and replaced with Daily Damage, a show that would take place everyday Monday through Saturday. In addition, a supershow would be run on every Sunday.

World Heavyweight Championship tournament

The winners of the five matches at Saturday Slaughter were entered into a tournament to crown the first MFGG World Heavyweight Champion. In the first round, Someguy defeated Zasshou (with assistance from Sarahsuke; see "notable feuds"), Ortzz defeated Wayne Deranez, and Press Start received a bye. In the second round, Press Start defeated Ortzz, while Someguy received a bye. On July 20, Someguy defeated Press Start at Daily Damage #3 to become the first MFGG World Heavyweight Champion. He is currently scheduled to defend the title against Über n00ber at Live from Hell.



Current roster

Inactive roster

Retired/permabanned wrestlers

Other staff

*Indicates a "non-active" role; in other words, an individual may give permission to use their name or, in the case of referees, provides statistics and a name, but otherwise they do not actively participate. In fact, The Face and SVH aren't even actual people, while Samuel Dreamer is merely a pseudonym for Jeff Silvers.

**A character used by Jeff Silvers to conduct backstage interviews.

Factions/tag teams


Originally formed as a tag team composed of Press Start and Dark Yoshi. Silvers, Zasshou, and Suigi joined the group on August 6, 2006, making it a full-fledged faction. XD went on to declare war on MFGG Wrestling and even declared itself a semi-independent entity with its own world title (the XD Championship). They co-headlined a supershow with MFGG called MFGG vs XD Civil War (the event would go on to become an MFGG tradition). Suigi left in late August and was replaced the next month by Icefire. XD's members dominated the championship scene for the majority of the group's initial run. The group quietly disbanded in October 2006 after the XD Championship was unified with the MFGG World Championship to form the Undisputed World Championship, which is still defended today (XD member Zasshou was the last XD and MFGG World Heavyweight Champion and, subsequently, the first Undisputed World Champion). XD reunited on December 31, 2006, comprised of Silvers, Press Start, and Suigi; the group had reformed mainly as a response to The Ultimate Legion. On January 12, 2006, Mariorocks announced on the Official MFGG Wrestling topic that he is going to join X-Degeneration. On January 21, 2007, X-Degeneration won the MFGG Tag Team Championship.

The Brothers of Destruction

A faction formed by Nightwing and Press Start. It was formed on February 5, 2007. A new member was added: ClockBass XIII.

Sovereign Happy

A faction formed by Uber n00ber and Doc Wario. It was formed on the same day as The Brothers of Destruction, February 5, 2007. It's also a sub-tag team of The BOD.

Dial-Up Connection

A faction formed by The Magical Gamer and Julio Cesar F. It was officialy formed on February 12, 2007. As honor to both of them having the MFGG Internet Championship title, but not at the same time. They are currently going for the MFGG Tag Team Championship. A couple days later, esteban was asked to join the faction, he accepted the offer and became an official member of The Dial-Up Connection.

Illusion X

A tag team formed by Kid Koopa and Toadster. It was officialy formed after they performed a beatdown on their former Teh Darkness member Mochant. They have never won a match yet.

Defunct Factions

The SVH League

It is also known as the Anti-XD League. It was formed by anti-XDers (some MFGGers) to eliminate XD (using the infamous SVH emoticon as their mascot).

The Ultimate Legion

A faction originally formed by Dark Yoshi and Julio Cesar F.


A short-lived faction formed by Dark Yoshi, Julio Cesar F, and Suigi.

Teh Darkness

On February 1, 2007, Kid Koopa asked Mochant via PM if he wanted to wrestle against Doc Wario and Uber n00ber. Mochant accepted. Thus, Teh Darkness was born. Previously, Mochant defeated Kid Koopa in his second match. Captain Jeff Silvers announced that the match is going to be a #1 Contenders Match for X-Degeneration's (Captain Jeff Silvers and Mariorocks) MFGG Tag Team Championship at MFGG February Fallout. Teh Darkness won their first match ever. At MFGG February Fallout, Teh Darkness defeated XD to win the titles. They lost the titles to XD later that month. At the King of MFGG VII Supershow, they won the titles back. On February 20, 2007, the newest member of MFGGW accepted a chance to become a team member of Teh Darkness.


Current champions

  • Undisputed World Championship - Suigi. He won the title when he defeated Press Start at MFGG Epoch Rising on March 4, 2007. This is his third title reign.
  • MFGG Internet Championship - Magical Gamer. He won the title when he defeated Julio Cesar F at MFGG Bloodletting on February 11, 2007.
  • MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championship - SuperZero. He won the title when he defeated Suigi in an Extreme Rules Match at MFGG Epoch Rising on March 4, 2007.
  • MFGG Tag Team Championship - Doc Wario and Über n00ber. They won the titles when they defeated Julio Cesar F and Magical Gamer in a Fatal Four Way TLC Tag Team Match on March 4, 2007 at MFGG Epoch Rising.
  • MFGG United States Tag Team Championship - Dark Yoshi and Suigi. They won the titles when they got a score of 4-0 in the Round-Robin Tag Team Tournament on March 6, 2007 at MFGG Daily Damage #197 - Tag Team Supreme.
  • IPW Heavyweight Championship - Nightwing. He won the first IPW Heavyweight Championship in a Battle Royal on February 27, 2007 at MFGG Last Chance.

Other accomplishments

  • King of MFGG - This is a tournament held toward the end of each month, typically on a Tuesday. It is usually the focal point of that day's Daily Damage. The winner of the tournament receives a shot at a world title at the next supershow (currently, this is the Undisputed World Championship, though in past tournaments it had been the MFGG World Heavyweight or XD titles). A coronation ceremony is held for the winner, usually the day after the tournament. The current King of MFGG (VIII) is Suigi (it is his third reign as King).
  • Money in the Bank - Every so often, a four-way Ladder Match (called the Money in the Bank Ladder Match) is held, the winner of which is allowed one free world title shot at any point throughout the next year. The winner of the match is referred to as "Mr. Money in the Bank." So far, two of the three winners of this accomplishment have surprised the champion by cashing in their title shot unannounced (and won). The last winner was Mochant.
  • Grand Slam Championship - Individuals who have won all titles in MFGG Wrestling are regarded as "Grand Slam Champions." There are actually two versions of this accomplishment: the "Classic" Grand Slam, consisting of the MFGG World Heavyweight, XD, MFGG SoVeryHardcore, and MFGG Tag Team Championships; and the "Modern" Grand Slam, consisting of the Undisputed World, MFGG Internet, MFGG SoVeryHardcore, and MFGG Tag Team Championships.
    • Classic Grand Slam Champions - The Classic Grand Slam Champions are Dark Yoshi, Zasshou, and Press Start (the only person who can still possibly win the Classic Grand Slam is SuperZero, who needs a SVH Title).
    • Modern Grand Slam Champions - The Modern Grand Slam Champions are Press Start, Julio Cesar F, and Captain Jeff Silvers. Suigi and Zasshou each need an Internet Championship reign, while Dark Yoshi needs an Undisputed World Championship reign. Zasshou has retired (and was later banned) from MFGG Wrestling, making it impossible for him to achieve this accomplishment.

Former championships

  • MFGG World Heavyweight Championship - This was the first championship in MFGG Wrestling, and served as the e-fed's premier title from its creation on July 20, 2006, until its retirement on October 15 of the same year. Someguy defeated Press Start in a tournament final to become the first champion. The title was unified with the XD Championship on October 15, 2006, to form the Undisputed World Championship. Zasshou was the final champion.
  • XD Championship - This title served as the world-level championship for X-Degeneration, a faction that splintered itself from MFGG Wrestling. The title was first awarded to Press Start on August 14, 2006, by MFGG booker (and fellow XD member) Captain Jeff Silvers. The night before, Press Start had lost the MFGG World Heavyweight Championship to MFGG's Milkbone at MFGG vs XD Civil War. For the length of the title's existence, SuperZero and The Blue Griffin were the only two non-XD members to hold the title. Zasshou is recognized as the final XD Champion, having defeated then-champ The Blue Griffin on October 15, 2006, to unify the XD Championship with his MFGG World Heavyweight Championship to form the Undisputed World Championship.


The MFGG Wreslting Team worked on a re-birth In The Forum Games section. And the outcome is MFGG Wrestling II.

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