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Dux's character sprited.
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Aliases: Stanley, Pipo Stanley, Duxfever, Fever, Duxfever88, <3companioncube
Real name: Unknown
Interests: IV
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stanleyscup07 is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on December 13th, 2006. His username, stanleyscup07, is based on the final episode of South Park season 10 ("Stanley's Cup"). He is a member of Team Fire Flower. He was formerly active on the MFGG IRC chat, but can still be found in Kannagi Stadium, and sometimes on TEotU. He's obsessed with retaining his friendship with TwoFinger, after a month of the death of their e-bestfriendship.

He requested an indefinite ban on April 10th, 2007, but was revoked on November 13th, 2008.

Member History


The Beginning

Stanley found MFGG through a Google query, and particularly liked Super Karate Mario and New Super Mario Kart. He joined the board on December 13, 2006, naming himself "Stanleyscup07" after a South Park episode of the same name. His first post requested aid with Game Maker.

On the same day, LakiPlant asked for the full name of the game him and Stanley were to work on. Many accused him for just wanting someone to work for him. MechaBowser suggested Stanley to read the tutorials. Later after realizing this was a bad thing, Stanley announced that the game was going to be canned, and requested to lock the topic. Right after Klobber locked the topic, it's very likely that the former duo will not participate in a project together anymore.
Editor's note -- that last paragraph doesn't make any sense and I can't paraphrase it -Draco Icebane 00:43, 3 December 2007 (EST) (yes I'm still on the wiki)

On January 12, 2007, Stanley flooded the first page of the PPP (which was by no means an easy feat). Delmore requested that he stop flooding, which was met with an apology. When Delmore asked sometime later if NO Body would be more like Jeff Silvers or like SonicProject, Stanley picked door #2 -- but Joey asked how he knew about SP, considering his recent join date. Stanley replied that he had read the MFGG Wiki, but Hatman said this was a newbie excuse. Stanley then made a topic claiming he was done with MFGG and leaving. After a fair bit a drama, Retriever II locked the topic, so Stanley created another one saying he had been joking.

Character Evolution
Stanley's pillow-shaded reference, used in early 2007

On January 19, 2007, Stanley revealed his character. It looked like a pillow-shaded black Pac-Man (Blac-Man). Stanley made it his avatar. Many MFGGers thought Stanley's character was a recolored Pac-Man. Josiah constantly bugged Stanley about the pillow-shading.

The Middle

On March 20, 2007, Stanley changed his name to Pipo Stanley, as a nod to Ape Escape. Wii Man began abbreviating this name. He didn't change his name until his permaban was reinstated. He named himself <3companioncube, in honor to show his love for the faithful Weighted Companion Cube of Valve's Portal. He changed his name to Stanley after the new name policy.

On April 10th, Pipo Stanley requested a permaban. The next May, Stanley made a dupe named mariokartrules, and acted like a complete imbecil. He annoyed everybody. He revealed himself in his "ima dupe" topic, but nobody cared. Stanley made another dupe named Captain Olimario as an attempt to get his forged friend Capt Olimar banned. Capt Olimar was himself a dupe of petey pirana and got banned for this reason, completely unrelated to Stanley's actions. On the day after the ban of Captain Olimario, Stanley created another dupe: thealphabetrocks, who was removed after one post.

On September 19, 2007, after having many adventures and social activities with, Stanley had became best e-friends with his Team Fireflower teammate TwoFinger, replacing Mechant after the mariokartrules dupe. The duo helps each other administrate a forum, started on January 10, 2007, called TwoFinger Forums, along with Stanley's former best e-friend Mechant and MFGG Site Staffer Bacteriophage.

The End

On November 13th, 2007, Gato asked Retriever II to unban Stanley after seeing that Delmore's ban was no more, PMing him that Stanley was in the same boat. They were both reinstated.


During the progression of Summer 2008, Stanley quickly befriended Shanks. After multiple games of Combat Arms, their friendship started to grow.

For nostalgic reasons, Stanley decided to have his final name change to stanleyscup07, regretting it to this day.


A Fresh Start

On June 27th, 2008, Stanley decided to change his alias to Dux. Jokingly, MegaTailzChao continued to call him Stanley. Ever since then, Spritanium dislikes the change, so he decides on continuing to call him Stanley.

After the announcement of NCFC 2008, and Shanks' Game Maker lessons, Shanks wanted to make a Portal fangame using Mario mechanics. Dux wanted in, so then it started. A few weeks later, with a few level designs complete, Shanks decided to put the game on hold for unknown/forgotten reasons.

The two feel that Dux should change his ref to something "cuter".

Main Friends

Here is a list of who Dux considers to be his best friends:


  • AIM: stanleyscup07
  • MSN:
  • Steam: TheStan123
  • Gamertag: Duxfever88