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Fender and Shanks being cool.
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Aliases: Freedom Fighter, Freedom
Real name: Eric Austin
Interests: Soccer, Chiptune, Zelda
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Fender joined MFGG back in September of '05 under the name Freedom Fighter. He was first brought to MFGG by Kitsune Yamato when he was making Mario Soccer. Fender used to be an active sprite ripper at Pixeltendo, teaming up with PolarKoala to rip Megaman sprites. After learning about MFGG he was intrigued by the idea of fangaming. He started to learn Game Maker, then he switched to the Game Factory. For a while Fender had forgotten about MFGG, busy with modding Halo PC, but then came back a year later and started to use Game Maker 6 Registered to make fangames, which he still uses today. Fender is a rather friendly guy and tries to avoid confrontation. Some of his good friends include Dex and Shanks.

The Community

Fender is not a very active poster, most of the time he just browses topics. He remains on the forums mainly to partake in the various competitions, collaborations and for the Wifi and Online Gaming forum. He brought the concept of the Exquisite Corpse Collaboration to MFGG, and also revived the 4th Isometric Collaboration to bring it to completion. Fender spends a lot of his time playing Team Fortress 2 with other MFGGers.

The Character

Freedom the sand tortoise.

After a copious amount of recolors and edits, Fender settled on the character of a giant sand tortoise. He was rarely ever used or drawn in anything, just there so Fender could say he had a reference. Then early in 2008 Fender decided to created a character that actually looked and like him, and that is how his character remains today. Fender is not very particular about how he draws his character, and usually mixes up the clothing he is drawn in every now and then. Usually wearing a t-shirt or a hoodie and some pants.