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Soveryhappy is the most popular and controversial of the officially adopted Smiley set on the MFGG Forums. It has been included in several parodies with varying degrees of taste or acceptance. It is hands-down the most dominant and hated MFGG fad of all time, especially when it is used excessively by newer members.


Shortly after the introduction of custom Mario icons made by Toni Barra, Dr. Wario created an additional set using Toni's icons as a base. One such icon is shown here:

The UBB code to use this on a page was :soveryhappy: which was given by Dr. Wario when it was added to the forum. "Soveryhappy" soon became the officially known name for the icon. Although it was regarded by some to be less than stellar, it caught on in typical fashion for the forums and became used frequently. There have also been many edits of it.


The main characteristics of Soverhappy are noted to be:

  • red eyes
  • gaping black mouth, with no visible chin
  • red tongue
  • white teeth
  • The text "SVH" on the cap, in the place of Mario's 'M' (Although not visable on the emoticon itself, it has been added by the members of MFGG and appears on larger SVH images).


An edit of Doom to include Soveryhappy

The influence of Soveryhappy has stretched as far as LuigiFan calling himself SoVeryLuigiFan.

It was featured in the background of a level of Super Mario Epic 2 on a tombstone. This was a fanservice to both proponents and opponents of the emoticon: proponents could see it as a fun reference, whereas opponents could interpret it to mean that SVH is "dead."

Soveryhappy is also famous for being Photoshopped into various famous pictures; it has been edited into Doom, a picture of the pope, and Half-Life 2.


A thread on MFGG, "SVH Picture Archive", contains nearly every Soveryhappy photoshopping in existence. It is of course extremely lengthy and not advised to actually attempt to read it.

Dann Woolf has made a small sprite sheet of Soveryhappy in Super Mario World style.

Not only is :soveryhappy: immensely popular on the MFGG forums, it has even begun spreading elsewhere onto the Internet.

Soveryhappy was included in The Phanto Zone as a variation of the Phanto.


Some time near the end of June 05, Soveryhappy was replaced with a new smiley that showed absolutely no emotion:

Soverynothing4ik.gif The reasoning for this change was stemmed from the past overabuse of the soveryhappy, and Klobber felt it needed changing, at least for a while.

There have been many names for this emoticon, and one was never decided upon, one of the most popular being "Soverynothing". Many members embraced the new emoticon, happy that Soveryhappy was gone, but Soveryhappy fans were outraged. A few days later, the emoticon was replaced with it's former self.


There are generally two groups on MFGG - those who think soveryhappy is the greatest thing ever, and those who hate it for how often it is used. The amount of people who think the emoticon is hilarious is staggering, though people against its overuse are a growing minority.

Nowadays, however, SVH hasn't been the focus of any disputes. It is a fad that has been left on the back burner for some time.

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