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Aliases: StopNSwap, Oldskoolmario
Real name: Jon
Interests: Art, video games
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OSM loves Zelda, and shows it in his sprites. He is considered to be one of the best LttP style spriters on the site, and possibly in the fangaming ring as a whole. He's very famous for his Twilight Princess Link sprites and his OoT Link sprites, many more too.

He is also known for his consistent obsession of the Banjo-Kazooie video game series, and makes "Stop n' Swop" theories from time to time.

He's recently grown an interest in the Batman franchise and closely watches and reports any news on the upcoming game Arkham Asylum.

OSM is also considered GreenDragonXIII's "Partner in Crime", and helped produce the giant anthology of misadventures known as Radical Randomness

Fad Creations

Mawio and Sawnik

A panel from Mawio and Sawnik the 3rd

Mawio and Sawnik was a series of short comics drawn by Oldskoolmario, featuring Mario and Sonic. They were usually posted in the Pointless Post Palace (until its removal, when they began being posted in the Casual Conversation Castle) and were well-received by other members, mainly due to the priceless expressions and unfailing humor. They were usually posted one panel at a time and OSM only made the topics every so often.

Of his creation, OSM says, "sdjkfhalkjsdf there just some stupid comic strips i make early in the morning from being extremely tired all the time. plus im really not stable in the head"

The series still pops up every now and again, though not very often, and the earlier editions have been preserved in The Vault.