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The Bard

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Aliases: Dex
Interests: Art, Music, Soccer
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The Bard joined MFGG as an unknown member with no previous history in December of 2009. Acting as a helpful minstrel and a nice fellow, the Bard was instantly an icon to the MFGG userbase.


The Bard, whose true identity was unknown at the time of his joining, became an instant classic to the members. His unique posting style, helpful insights, and meaningful posts were all looked upon as great wisdom from the members of MFGG.

The Bard posted a topic in the Forum Games board entitled "Ask the Bard," in which users proceeded to ask him questions while he answered them. He continues this tradition today, and hopes to be around to help the members as long as possible.

The Bard's true identity was discovered in January to be Dex, a previous member of MFGG. The Staff had known this all along, and the Bard was accepted as a new account and "Dex" was considered the dupe. Dex made the mistake of logging into Dex many weeks later, and the Bard was permabanned.

To remedy this, Dex changed his name to "The Bard" on the forums.

The Bard, as a single member, has been nominated for Mr. Popularity, Most Helpful Member, and Flame-Proof, in the 2009 MFGG Awards. The Bard loves to help the forum, and only wishes the best for it and it's members. His closest friends on the forum would probably be David Caruso and Josiah, though he welcomes all friends.