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Dr. Wario

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Aliases: Doc Wario, Dr. Wow, Doc W
Interests: Art, in all forms
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Dr. Wario is one of those members from the earlier years of MFGG, becoming more of a piece of its history than one of its most proficient members. His work is probably better known than his name, with a roster that includes many, many cars, the picture of Thunder Dragon that was turned into the Thunder Dragon statue, and, of course, Soveryhappy.

A newbie more than five years ago, Dr. Wario discovered MFGG looking to find out what a "sprite" was, so he might make a GIF animation or, more likely, a PowerPoint presentation with them. However, what he discovered was something else altogether - fangaming, and an easy way to do it - The Games Factory.

While working on his first game, which was more show than go - Mario and the Legacy of the Golden Hammer - Dr. Wario joined the forums, creating the name simply because he liked Wario, and, at the time, there had been no such spinoff as a Dr. Wario (therefore, he beat Wario Ware to the chase by several years). He joined to ask a question about The Games Factory, and boom - just like that, he was sucked into the community.

Staking his claim early on by winning various Sprite Comps, and by possessing respectable artistic skills otherwise, Dr. Wario became well-known and, if nothing else, a respected member of the community. Over time, pressured by sprite and (eventually) art comps, as well as requests from friends, his artistic skills increased.

Today, Dr. Wario doesn't make games, and sprites only when a friendly request invites him too. With plenty of Sprite Comp badges all his own, his new goals are to collect his fill of the newer art comp. badges.

The man behind the mask, Jacob Martin, is involved with many different types of art, From drawing (with pencil, pen, marker, crayon, conte crayon, charcoal, dry and oil pastel, paint, MSPaint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), to spriting, to modeling (with clay), to video (shooting, scripting, editing), to who knows what else (spriting with giant 6x6 inch paper pixels).

Like Wario, he doesn't care to manage his weight, and enjoys Cheesecake as his favorite of the fatty foods. His pastimes, besides making art, playing video games, and surfing the web, range from self-taught music making, to self-taught martial arts, to a little bit of backwoods self-taught spray-painting vandalism.

As he puts it - "Always the third guy" - Doc Wario isn't really anyone's best friend. He's a good casual acquaintance, and a good artist, but on the whole, he's mostly alone in the world.

Doc Wario has left the MFGG scene but still talks with people like DJ Yoshiman.