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Marth The Magikoopa
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Aliases: orange yoshi, Dark Kamek, Marth The Magikoopa, MTMK, HtraM
Interests: Video Games, manga, drawing, fan game making, Mario Bros., Magikoopas duh.Fine arts and Illustration, and Pixelart.
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Marth (also known as Dark Kamek) is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on August 6th, 2006 under the username orange yoshi, but soon changed it to Dark Kamek soon afterward, and then later to Marth in reference of his own name.

History on MFGG

Marth used to be known for talking like Fawful (in trolling, and flaming), and hated being called a recolor (even though he had no official character at the time, and his username Dark Kamek suggested a recolor). He also used to upload his art as word files rather than as ordinary image files. He was young and failed to realize what he was doing was wrong. Plush Mario used to be one of his major projects(which was never finished).. His first friend on MFGG was Josiah. He later then also became good friends with GeneralGuy, Dexy, Max Rider, and TouchFuzzyGetDizzy.

Marth was banned for flaming other members several times.

On December 20th, 2006, Marth was banned for 10 Days by Klobber for sprite theft (he ignorantly failed to see that if you copy a sprite pixel by pixel it is THEFT even though you did remake it!). Two days earlier on December 18th, he posted a topic in the Arts Board titled my comp entry where he showed off his seemingly normal Boo sprite entry for Sprite Competition #94: Ghost Houses (Official Topic Here). At first everything seemed normal, and Marth had received a lot of praise from renowned pixel artists such as Josiah. But things quickly soured when Neopolis discovered that Marth's entry was actually an edit of an older sprite made several months prior by another member. Marth freaked out and drama ensued. Eventually, Klobber responded to the thread with "Yep, busted, there's no way these are 100% custom, looks like you just edited the original sprite.", locked the thread, and then suspended Marth for 10 Days.

After this incident, Marth requested a permaban because he considered the Moderators and Administrators were too strict. Later on he regretted this, and made a couple of duplicate accounts in attempts to be re-accepted into the community. (One of these, "MTMK", was only re-banned after being apparently allowed to stay for a while.)

Finally on July 2nd, 2008, Marth came back once again as "HtraM". He posted a topic in the General Chat titled Well all, asking the Administration to be allowed to stay, and also indicating that he had changed and become more mature and more of a contributing type. This immediately sparked a heated debate between two factions; one that wanted him to remain permabanned, and the others wanting him to come back. Ultimately, Marth was allowed to stay this time, and he is still a member currently.

Marth typically posts in the Arts Board now, and he tends to draw more on the realism and classical side. He critiques and offers help to any topic he sees, and dabbles in pixel art as well. But he recently has started to not enjoy it as much and once stated "Pixle art is a game for Dex, drawing is a game I think I'll continue to play for a little while longer.".

Quotes from Other MFGGers

  • "you're like some crazy toy with a pull string that has 18000 random phrases that's on a mad out of control rampage all over the city" - LuigiFan (November 25th, 2006, 02:20 PM)