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GeneralGuy's Character, drawn by Hatman.
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Interests: Video games, art
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GeneralGuy is an MFGGer who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy and the IPB MFGG Forums on August 15th, 2006. He originally joined for the sole purpose of creating Mario fangames, but is mostly interested in the online community at this point. He is primarily active in the General Chat, Pointless Post Palace and Wifi and Online Gaming sections of the message boards.

A Prelude: Discovering MFGG

The origin of GeneralGuy's affiliation with fangaming dates back to sometime between October and November of 2005. At this time, he was completely new to the fangame community, and his very first game was an incomplete Super Mario Bros. fangame, which was made in a program called Platform Studio. During the summer of 2006, GeneralGuy was working tirelessly on a game made in RPG Maker 2000, a newly acquired tool. One of his unfinished pieces of work was a game called "Mario & Luigi: The Crystal-Star-Mountain", which used Mario & Luigi sprites. Although there were a variety of RPG2K resource websites on the Internet with publicly available sprite rips, there simply weren't enough to complete the game. After rummaging through several websites via affiliate links, GeneralGuy stumbled upon Mario Fan Games Galaxy one Tuesday afternoon on August 15th, 2006. He immediately found the sprites he was looking for, which were uploaded by NO Body. He immediately joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy and the Message Boards less than an hour later.

Nostalgic Happy Days

After GeneralGuy joined the MFGG Forums, he made several threads over the course of a couple months that consisted of uncompleted fangames, which were all cancelled. Sometime in October of 2006, GeneralGuy acquired The Games Factory, a far more standardized tool used by approximately half of MFGGers who made fangames; the other half using a different program called Game Maker. Eventually, GeneralGuy released a fangame called Paper Mario World 2 to the MFGG Main Site on November 2nd, 2006. For a short period of time, GeneralGuy was involved with designing the graphics in MFGG Ware. Around the beginning of June 2007, GeneralGuy bought The Games Factory 2. With this updated version of his previous game making program, he had far more options and features for creating fangames.

A few of the many fads and events that GeneralGuy was active in were mostly from 2006 to 2007, such as ITF we are muscular trapeze artists, the Pointless Supernova, A Day That Will Live in Infamy, Zombie Week, Team Wars and The Great Mistake.