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 Custom redblock.png This article is about a fangame that has ceased production.

No further work is being done on this project, and a release is not likely.

Developer(s) MechaBowser, Neopolis, LuigiFan
Announce Date January 23 2007
Release Date Mar 19 2007
Genre Unknown
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status Abandoned

MFGG Ware was a popular MFGG-based fangame . It was one of the few successful MFGG games and has a demo released.



On January 23 2007 - 05:06 PM, MechaBowser announced MFGG Ware. Apparently, he and member Neopolis had been working on this for a while, but didn't tell anything for the fear of major spam. They were right. As soon as the topic was posted, it reached 5 pages, then 10 and at last 30. There is no posts of importance in the topic, and therefore MechaBowser told that all the posts will be deleted when the first demo is out. Along with the topic, he posted a video of the gameplay, and soon after a second video was made and posted.

The 3rd hidden video

After only a few days, Mecha offered MechaBowser to make a few mugshots of people in the game. MechaBowser agreed and the banners were made. Later on, Mecha made a request topic and people could request to be drawn. However, anyone who requested may not be in the game. Therefore it has been claimed that the second banner (which hold the possibly non-MFGG Ware members) is misleading. The second banner was scrolling heads with the MFGG Ware logo in the middle. The banner was made by LuigiFan whom by that time hadn't joined the team. Another notable logo was made by GeneralGuy, which can be found in many signatures.


A few microgames were published along with the videos. These are listed here:

  • Mecha's Case: You are the member Mecha and you got to catch the member Pie before time runs out.
  • LuigiFan's Big Crush: You are LuigiFan and you gotta avoid the balls being thrown at you.
  • The faithful Red9378: Red9378 takes on the scene of his introduction topic where people like Raccoon Sam made fun of him by saying that it was possible to play GameCube games on your computer if you dropped it in your disk drive and made a sacrisfice to the Game God. However, in this microgame, Red9378 does what is impossible.
  • Fat Wario pls: You are Wario, blowing another Wario full of air until he blows.
  • SOUP DA WHOOP: The first boss. You guide MechaBowser in a spaceship through flowas and in the end you got to fight a giant SHOOP DA WHOOP.
  • Hot Hitler on Ice Action: You play as Hitler and are ice skating. You have to jump over the "sticks" in the ground.
  • Ultramario's Ultra Move: As Ultramario, you need to dodge buildings coming at you.
  • Jump for ****'s Sake: Using your mouse, you need to swing back a platform and jump so MegaTailzChao lands on a mountain. It is notable that many players have had problems figuring out how to play this game.
  • Ol' British Style: You play as a dancing :soveryhappy:, and have to press the keys in the correct order to dance without getting hurt three times. In the original version of this game, the second and third levels were glitched. The second wasn't synced with the music, and the third froze when a player beat it. This has been fixed with the 1.2 patch. The game, characters and music were based on a minigame of the WarioWare-like game, Rhythm Tengoku.

MFGGers appearing in MFGG Ware

This is a list of MFGGers appearing in MFGG Ware.


MechaBowser's ban inevitably led to the end of MFGG Ware's popularity. Amid beliefs that MechaBowser had obtained Raikyo's personal information, many MFGGers scanned MFGG Ware viruses and/or deleted it, while the game itself contained no viruses or threats but the suspicions led to the game's near disappearance.

Since MFGG Ware's source file was never distributed, no one remained to continue the project after MechaBowser was banned. It was subsequently abandoned.

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