A Day That Will Live in Infamy

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A Day That Will Live in Infamy was a legendary event that happened on March 28th, 2007 in the Pointless Post Palace. The entire board and HTML embed war was fought between Klobber and ShadowMan. Each administrator would occupy the PPP separately with a name change, skin modification, and music embed. At first, many members were reacting to the changes by creating a large amount of topics and posts. These contained either their own response to the insanity, suggestions for the next name change, or just a normal post.

Music Embeds:

Name Changes:

  • Pointless Post Palace? This is SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA - ShadowMan
  • Mighty Postin' Pointless Rangers - Klobber
  • Transformers: Pointless Posts in Disguise - ShadowMan
  • Mike Jones Post Palace - Klobber
  • You'll get posting in the... CROSSFIIIIIIIIRE - ShadowMan
  • I Am a Pirate Post Palace - Klobber
  • U CAN'T TOUCH THIS - ShadowMan
  • ZION, THE WAR IS OVER - ShadowMan
  • Paintless Post Palace - ShadowMan

After the war was finally over (ShadowMan won), the PPP (renamed Paintless Post Palace) was closed. MFGG Never forget picture 2.PNG

The PPP was replaced with a picture of Dr. Wily from Megaman for the NES, in front of a purple 8-bit background. Underneath that picture the message 'Never Forget 3/28' was posted.