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The Games Factory 2 (TGF2) is a software developer program created by Clickteam. It was released on the 30th June 2006 along with Multimedia Fusion 2, and is regarded as the long awaited sequel to The Games Factory.

TGF2 borrows a lot of features from Multimedia Fusion, the successor to the original Games Factory. It does not share as many features as MMF2 or the developer's version of MMF2. It is, however cheaper than MMF2 to buy. It does not support alpha channels, nor can new extensions be freely added. Clickteam will occasionally release extension packs that will work in TGF2.

By sending in your TGF activation code, discounts can be made off TGF2 and MMF2.

Products by Clickteam
First Generation Klik & Play (1994-1996)
Second Generation Multimedia Fusion Express (1996-1999) · The Games Factory (1996-1998)
Third Generation Multimedia Fusion (1998-2002)
Fourth Generation Multimedia Fusion 2 (2006-2013) · The Games Factory 2 (2006-2013)
Fifth Geneartion Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (???)
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